June 06, 2006

real food, real people

I never thought I would finally meet them, the people whom I just met from a yahoogroups, and to whom I regularly write.

Their food were real, and the people are visible, actually were there.

I've been subscribing their mailing list for almost a year, and it seems to me that they are not only subscribers to the same group, but truly are friends in a real life and a real time.

When I got there, the owner of Natural Cooking Club was welcoming with warm smile and friendly hugs. I was definitely home. A home where a society of food lovers stay or live. Probably even when you drop by, you'll still be welcomed.

There were food and there were laughters. There was friendship and there was love. The love of being in the kitchen and producing, the love of trying recipes, the love of learning and sharing, the love of being natural food lovers themselves. It was a rich atmosphere. It was fresh and colorful. It was warmth and genuine.

When you have found real food and real people, what more can you ask?

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