July 29, 2006

along the road

Sunday morning, there's no reason to go back to bed at 6 in the morning. We instantly got up, got dressed, and put snickers on. Out we go to join the crowds.

The road was only small, and it was crowded with people with their own businesses. vendors were selling their stuffs along either sides of the road. Pretty impressive of what they offered, from children clothing, traditional foods, children entertainment, garden plants, until adults clothing, CDs, you name it! Yes, it's called pasar kaget (flee market).

I was surprised that the food was absolutely not bad to my taste, and there was gems as well. Very spongy and tasty. And then these little cakes made from rice flour (we call it surabi or serabi) and eaten with gula melaka sauce (gula melaka, pandan leaves, and coconut cream) are just another option for filling breakfast for the morning.

It was a good morning walk after all.

Pasar Kaget (The Flee Market)
Location: Depok, West Java, Indonesia
Time: Sundays, from dawn to afternoon.


Bruno said...

Wow, I didn't realize New Zealand had markets like the one you described so well in your post!
Thanks for the adventure!!


HomeMadeS said...

Hi, Bruno! I think I've mislead you. This market is in Indonesia. I was there for a holiday and I went to this market as it's very close to where my youngest brother lives.