July 04, 2006

many happy returns

What is so special about a birthday to you? Is it a reminder that you're growing older? Or is it just another day? Probably won't be a boring one, as someone would remember your return today (at least your Mum would definitely do).

To me, it's simply just another excuse to try out my skill. I've been learning some methods to make roses out of sugarpaste for months (not that I've tried it every day). I've been allured by the wedding cakes I've seen in one of Australian Wedding magazines. They are ranged from simple, outstanding, to extravaganza designs. Each of cakes bring a different sense, art, and impact on me. My interest is upon a bunch of burgundy roses spray on top of a gorgeous wedding cake. I just love to see it.

I try to bring this 'side effect' to my own cake. Didn't work out that way, as I just could finish two large roses blooms and ten buds, before I was getting sick of rolling the paste, petal by petal. It's so much work, I can tell you, but I truly enjoyed it.

I only baked two 20cm buttercakes, and that was it. All I want to do is just to split them into three layers each cake, sandwich them with strawberry jam and creamy buttercream, then decorate them, with all the tools I've got.

With K.D. Lang on the background, I slowly finished the cake (she sang soft songs, you see--I should be careful before I fell asleep on my cake). I finished at 10pm last night, starting from 5pm (distracted by getting the chooks fed, preparing the dinner, taking the children to bed) before I really got myself into it.

And here it is...


Barbara said...

You are very artistic Arfi. That is a fabulous looking cake. Belated birthday greetings.

HomeMadeS said...

thanks, barbara :) I've still got so much to learn though.