July 31, 2006

sweet buns

It's been very enjoyable in the kitchen I can feel recently. Everything I make or bake turns out really good. The important thing is that everyone likes the products.

Reading and looking up old recipes from the recipes book my mum gave me is truly a pleasure. I can't imagine how many oldies were produced and then developed to be new recipes written in different cookbooks. I simply treasure this compiled recipes book.

There are many recipes of bread-making and buns-rolling I've used to improve the enhancement of knowledge and practices in the kitchen, from David Herbert's bread to one of these oldies comes from one of leading women magazine in Indonesia, Kartini. This magazine, from what I remembered, usually attached a free extra little recipes book in their magazine once in a while in the years my Mum was still active in the kitchen before she got stroke. I always loved this littlies as I often tried out with trial and errors and a little knowledge of kitchen use as I was only 10 or so.

And now, with more developed knowledge and improved skills along the years, I am looking back and I am trying to do it. This time is buns time. I remember it was always a treat for us kids when we were taken to a bakery and were back home with us big boxes of sweet buns with assorted filling. The chocolate filling was always a favorite.

Nowadays, my kids don't have to go to a bakery to get a good taste of sweet buns. I can do it for them! YAY!

Roti Manis (Sweet Buns)
Source: Bonus Masakan kartini No. 493: Aneka Kue ala Bakery

1 kg bread flour, sifted
2 Tbs active yeast
300cc tepid water
4 egg yolks
2 egg whites
40g full cream milk powder
200g caster sugar
2 1/2 tsps salt
2 tsps baking soda
200g butter (softened)

Sprinkle the yeast onto the tepid water and set aside for 10 minues until foamy. Mix together flour and milk powder. Mix the egg yolks and whites one at a time into the foamy yeast. Add mixed flour gradually to the mixture for 45 minutes, then add in caster sugar, soda, and salt, mix well (I used a mixer with dough hooks and mix them until all mixed and then knead it lightly until it becomes elastic). Set aside for 10 minutes. Then add in butter (I used the mixer again, then knead it for the second time until it's elastic), mix well. Set aside for 40 minutes (or until raise well, double in size). Then rolls into balls, put any fillings you like (I punched the dough and knead again lightly, then divide them into 12 equal balls, fill them with smoked chicken and cheese, and chocolate chips). Put them on the baking sheet, brush them with egg yolk, and bake until they are cooked (I bake at 180C for 30-35 minutes). When they are still hot, brush them with melted butter.

Selamat menikmati!


Bruno said...

Nice buns! These remind me of the ones I used to buy in a San Francisco Chinatown bakery.

HomeMadeS said...

well, i take that as a compliment. thanks!!