September 18, 2006

5 Things to Eat Before Dining Up in The Sky

This is the second time I got tagged. And I haven't either shared my 5 things or tagged anyone else. Is it fair to just mention 5 things?? I've got more than 5, you see.

Oh, well... here they are:

1. My Mum's fried rice which smells and tastes heavenly delicious. It's a humble ordinary mixture of rice, dried anchovies and fried peanuts, accompanied by Palembangese fish crackers.

2. Creme brulee at French Cafe. They say it's heavenly creamy. Oh, God help me!

3. Anything what Gordon Ramsay cooks for dessert (I love desserts). He said that he takes care of desserts as much as meals.

4. Jasmine tea (well, we don't eat it, but I'd love to have a sip) which my late grandmother uses to brew it in a clay teapot for us when we came down to see her. I love the way she made it.

5. Chocolate truffles from every chocolate factory in the world with every flavour to taste.

Now, it seems I have to turn the wheels. Who's next?

Here they are:
Kevin of WannabeTVchef
budi of budiboga
Suburban Hippy


Riana said...

Nice!! I'd love to have a sip of jasmine tea too before my time comes :)
Miss you, Arfi..

Bruno said...

Great list Arfi! Also, the menu that you prepared for Barbara was very impressive!!

Barbara said...

I love your list Arfi. Mmmm Jasmine tea made by your grandmother. I think I'd like some of that too.

Ritha said...

Ouw, I didn't realize that you've been tagged before, Arfi :). Hmm.. jasmine tea.. sore2, musim dingin.. cegluk, cegluk..:)

Lia said...

Pih, mikir berats nih gue. Kok susah amat seh lemparan dikaw :(( susah banget bagi gue, karena... wishlist gue puanjang, susah banget disuruh milih cuma 5 huahahaha... tar ya, gue bertapa dulu

HomeMadeS said...

riana: yes... jasmine tea...reminds me of my late grandmother... miss u tooooo!!

bruno: thanks!!!

barbara: Hi, Barb!!! got your card. and thank YOU!

Ritha: kekeke... sluurrppp...

lia: hayo bikin! tak sampering ntar yah!