November 26, 2006

delicious collaboration

My sister-in-law just wrote to me early this month, asking if we'd better do something for Mum's birthday. We thought about lunch and we arranged who's going to make what. We came up with this agreement: Kerry-Ann will do the hot food, I will do the desserts. Sounds good to me.

I made a gluten-free chocolate cake as Kerry-Ann is allergic to gluten. I cut the cake into 4 layers, and spread each layer with ganache made from fresh cream and 72% dark chocolate. I covered the cake with rich chocolate buttercream, and garnish it with white chocolate hearts and red cherries. I also made tomato rice, zuccini stir-fry and a bowl of salad.

KA came with a pan of roast Portugese chicken thigh fillets and a pot of zuccini stew she once made for my birthday last July.

I also had a thought what to give her. Perhaps something really personal, made personally. So I gave myself a try to make a flower spray. I looked up in some cake decorating books I inherited from the late Ruth, my Mum-in-law's good friend who used to be a cake decorator as well. I thought I would make daisies and small hyacinths. I thought they came up quite nice. I know they are not perfect, I'm not such a professional cake decorator, but at least I know that I can do it.

On this occasion, I made ganache boats as well as sarah named it which I made them from thickened cream and dark chocolate, then dipped them into milk chocolate.


Barbara said...

The cake is gorgeous Arfi.

Arfi Binsted said...

thanks, barbara :)

Bruno said...

Beautiful cake Arfi!

Arfi Binsted said...

bruno: thank you!!