December 02, 2006

Dinner Meme

I was tagged by Riana about a week or two weeks ago. I've read many dinner memes at other fellow bloggers and they are all wonderful. I'm just wondering how the world will be when all of us come for dinner: the chatters, the laughters, the food, the people, the atmosphere... would we all talk about food and blog?

I'm not such a too-good-to-be-true entertainer, but I can assure you that I will give 110% for the efforts. I may not have an expensive townhouse, but my hospitality is genuine. That's the first start, isn't it?

I usually make vegies spring rolls and vietnamese spring rolls for nibbles. I also make spicy nuts which another option for those who's allergic to gluten.

Now, the starter. I usually cook wonton soup to start the meal, sprinkled generously with finely chopped spring onions and crispy fried shallots. The wonton itself is filled with finely chopped coriander leaves, finely chopped shrimps, a dash of fish sauce, salt and white pepper. I make fish stock to make the base of broth, freshly made from fish bones and carrots. My guests who suffered from Coeliacs will still be enjoying the broth, I suppose. I will add a piece of root ginger to the broth, to add more flavour.

Right, main course. I will make tomato rice, grilled thigh chicken fillets with orange dressing, and green salad with a mixed of mizuna leaves, rocket leaves, beetroot leaves, New Zealand spinach, grated carrots, thin slices of nashi pears--which all just are freshly picked from our garden, except mizuna as we don't grow them. I will dress the salad with extra virgin olive oil.

Towards the end of meals, I usually make desserts as seriously as I do main course. I will make my best chocolate layered cake, accompanied by slightly sweetened whipped cream and fresh fruits depending on the season.

Off we go around the sofa or if the night is still young, we may enjoy the edge of the night on our newly built large verandah, watching the dark silhouettes of sheep, trees, and paddocks. I will still serve you with freshly ground coffee or the best Earl Grey or Green tea to suit your taste and trays of chocolate bites, lemon cake and I still think that my Bailey's Chocolate Truffles will do good to end any meals. I will spare some for you to bring home whenever you feel to.

As this is going to go around the globe, I will keep turning the wheel. I'm tagging Lia of World of Spices and Pepy of The Art and Science of Food.

Hugs for now. Night night.


Pepy said...

haiyaaaaaaaaaa... I've got tagged by you. Soon I'm gonna post it at

Tim said...

I would love a place on your invite list - looks great!

Lia said...

huhuhu i got ur tagged, asap i will let u know, thanksssssss mba :D

Arfi Binsted said...

pepy: i'll read yours, sis!

tim: why don't we get together sometime in summer? i'm sure barbara would love to come down our farm. by february, our orchard will produce many fruits, so i think we should get on with this.

lia: think about it, cook about it, and write about it. hehehe..can't wait!

Barbara said...

Lovley meal Arfi. Yes I'd love to come down to the farm again in summer.

Arfi Binsted said...

barbara: i'm glad!! we'll spare some ripen fruits for you to pick yourself. i'll contact Tim if he'd like to come down as well.