January 30, 2007

BPW-Valentine's Day

love can be mysterious,
love can be hilarious,
can't be too serious,
can't be too notorious

Yet it often is struck the mind of a genius, how can it build the weak-minded strong, how it can be played like a pingpong games, but truly speaking it's something we are searching for.

What's life without lofe? One can still live, but must be lonely. As love can make a stupid thing looks briliant, vice versa, depending on how deep you measure your love.

Probably not something to be measured, but something to be valued.

Whatever your reason to love, there's a love for friendship. A love for sharing. A love beyond intimacy relationships, but intimacy beyond the world.

That's the reason I'm sending this card to whom may receive it. It's far more fun to have someone far and appreciate your existence even through a piece of paper. It's what to appreciate the most is the attention, the presence, the sharing.

Meeta of What's for Lunch Honey has been organizing this event. Everyone who enters will send postcard for Valentine's Day occasion to another foodie blogger as the recipient and will then receive her/his postcard by another foodie blogger via snail mail.

I chose this card because I believe love of friendship is always a joy. I find this card is sending that message, apart from kissy lips.

I have to send it today, as I thought post office might have been close yesterday for the Auckland Anniversary Day. I'm sorry for the delay, but it's on the way now. I'm just hoping it will give the joy to the person who receives it.

Cheers from the Happy Heart!

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