January 28, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

I still could hear that rhytmn in my head, drumming. Ice ice baby...dung dung dung... Was it in 80's when that first White hip hop boy popped up and grabbed so much attention worldwide? I thought I was at my school year. It was played at department stores, shops, music outlets, simply everywhere.

I think ice cream (Bahasa Indonesia = es krim) is just the same, it's universal. It's enjoyed everywhere by anyone.

It is hot here in New Zealand (yay!!! finally, we get our Summer) and it's the time of the year to enjoy ice cream. I made vanilla ice cream when Barbara was here to lunch with us, but then I was thinking of something else. Green tea ice cream was my first choice. I used David Herbert's vanilla bean ice-cream from his book The Perfect Cookbook, but I infused the green tea in the milk.

I used to drink green tea since I was a teenager. My Papa (Dad) was good at stuffing us stuffs like that. He's aware of the goodness of it. He probably doesn't want me or any of his children gets cancer as we have a cancer history from my Mum's side.

I had a breast tumor when I was just 21 [my Mum had had it twice on both breast before] and was removed immediately. It was my miserable moment. I was just going to take an exam at the university, but then I had to take those pills which made my hair fell into a hair-ball in a couple of days, then later, I had to end up on the surgery table. The doctor gave me a remark 'it's alright, it's only a small surgery.' It was a big deal for me. I never forget, but I discarded the lump. Scary thing.

And my Papa was with me, all day, all night. He was by my side where my Mum had to be at somewhere else I couldn't remember now. He watched me and probably was thinking a lot about what was going on. I knew he didn't want me to suffer as we both were watching my grandmother dying and later died of cancer. I knew he didn't want me to end up like that. So he eventually searched green tea since that day and had me drink it each day. My good old Papa.

I couldn't remember if it was Sencha or any other Japanese tea, as Indonesia itself has large tea plantations across the archipelago. One of them I ever know is Subang tea plantation. I always hiked up on a steep hill along the road to Subang every Sunday. The plantation is located on the feet of Tangkubang Perahu Mauntain and is stretched from Lembang to Ciater, Subang, which is around 1-2 hours away from Bandung, depending on what vehicle you are driving.

I love Bandung. I just love the climate, the people, the culture (enjoy the traditional music of angklung or instrumental music like sabilulungan, it's just so peaceful!) especially the food! There are endless tastebud journey one can enjoy once s/he arrives there. I was so glad I had ever lived there for 8 years, though not so much culinary trip I had [for I was only a student and a part-time translator].

Without further ado, here's the recipe.

Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream
[green tea infused]

Source: The Perfect Cookbook [David Herbert. Viking. 2003]

2 cups milk, 1 vanilla bean, ¾ cup sencha, 6 egg yolks, 125g castor (superfine) sugar, 1 cup cream, lightly whipped

Pour the milk into a small saucepan. Split vanilla bean lengthways, scrap out the seeds. Put both seeds and pod into the milk, together with green tea. Cook slowly until the simmering point. Set aside for 10 minutes. Sieved. Discard the green tea, but reserve the vanilla pod.

Whisk the egg yolks with sugar for 4-5 minutes or until thick and pale. Trickle the milk into the egg mixture and whisk gently. Bring this mixture over a low heat (I put the bowl on top of a saucepan with hot water), and cook until custard-like—test the back of your metal spoon, if the mixture doesn't drip, then it's done. Remove from the heat, and discard the bean pod. Set aside to cool.

Whisk in the whipped cream. If you have an ice-cream machine, then you can jus follow the instruction. If you don't have an ice-cream machine, like me, you have to freeze the mixture on a metal tray until half frozen, then put it into a chilled bowl of food processor, pulse until smooth. Return to the metal tray, and do this step one more time. Put the ice cream into an ice-cream container, covered and freeze until ready to use.

Now, let's sing that song again, shall we?

ice ice baby...
dung dung dung...


Tim said...

As wierd as it might sound, I am not a big fan of ice cream! However yours looks like it could tempt me.

Arfi Binsted said...

Tim: when it's hot, all you can think is something to chill you. I wonder why you don't like ice cream? *ponder*

Nigel said...

Arfi, that's delicious!

Arfi Binsted said...

nigel, indeed!!!