January 06, 2007

Pukekohe Farmers' Market

I had been to this Farmers' Market once when I was still pregnant with Sarah on one Saturday morning. And this is the second time I came. The differences are I'm no longer pregnant and no kids with me. Just me and Mum. Wonderful.

First, we went to the square, where a smaller markets were more like food stalls stood in the middle of the Pukekohe square. I was delighted to see many homemade products were all available. The stall that I was interested in going to see was the Franklin-grown macadamia nuts. The lady (happened to be a Virginia Warren who's honored as the 1997 Business Woman of the Year) was giving us a little demonstration to crack the nuts with a unique-yet-most-working-nut cracker. Slap! The hard shell was open. That easy. The nut I had was really deliciously fresh and crunchy! I couldn't resist myself to buy two little bags of Macadamia nuts in different flavours. They are also available in hot chilli flavour! They also have a website that you can go for more information. It was a nice chat with you, Virginia, if you read this post.

After walking around for a while, we then decided to go cross the parking lot, where the bigger market was. I was amazed to see how this market grew this big since the last time I shopped at the same place a few years back! The first thing I saw was this van which is owned by a Malaysian lady. She sells many Asian goodies in there. I bought a bag of mini spring rolls. They were fantastic!

Then we moved to one stall to another and more stalls. I also bought used books on New Zealand verse, and an old novel by Emily Perkins, to name a few. And those souvenirs: koru, silver ferns, all these NZ famous icons. There were also clothes everywhere, hanging and piles on the earth. One thing caught my eye was a pile of kinas. Gosh, this is the very first time for me to see the 'real' kina!!! They even opened one of them to show the eggs inside. I didn't dare to try, but I surely took a picture of them. And oh, I also bought a bag of flounders--gutted!

There were also fruit and vegetable farmers, of course. I loved to see the colors of ripe and fresh fruits. They brought some vibrant tones for that cloudy and cool morning. Then I bumped into a lady who sold Rowena Bread. Oh, how lucky I was to find her there. We had to chat for a while about making Maori bread. She said it takes about 10 days to make the yeast to rise. But she remained the family secret safe on the starter part. Never mind. I am just hoping that Nigel's mum would love to share her recipe for me. Ey, Nigel? Makes me thinking, though.

Went back home, I could just praised the diversity of New Zealand, and Franklin especially. I just love being in there, immersed with the cultures.

It was a lovely morning.


Chris said...

Enjoyed your experieces at the Pukekohe Farmers Market

If you visit any others in the Auckland region would like to hear about

Details of other FM's can be found at www.farmersmarkets.org.nz

Arfi Binsted said...

Hi, Chris!! Thank you for dropping by. Yes I really enjoyed it. And thanks so much for the information. I'll put the site on my sidebar for further use. Cheers!

Riana said...

I love markets! Hahaha.. woman!
Fi, pasarnya kok gak becek yak? Hehehe...

Arfi Binsted said...

wakakak!!! pasar ini mengingatkan aku pada pasar kaget di depok,ri. saat itu sih ga ujan jadi ga becek. pasarnya sendiri digelar di sepanjang jalan raya. dan khusus hari minggu ga ada lalu lintas!

Tim said...

Great post Arfi. I love markets. Apparently we have a new one just opened in Katikati which I hope to get to next month. Thanks too to Chris for the link to farmersmarkets.org.nz.

Arfi Binsted said...

Yes Tim, markets are always impressive where we can buy lots of fresh stuffs. I happened to see fresh garlic bulbs as well!

Nigel said...

Arfi, you should have tried the kinas! They're unbelievably rich, chock full of iron as well, I think. Those were a decent size, too. As for the Rewena bread, I'm thinking of doing a post on it sometime in the future. I promise to send you some when I make a batch.

Arfi Binsted said...

Nigel-I didn't dare to try it. I can't eat raw things, except vegetables. Not right for my stomach. I know, it's a pity. Is there anyway they'll be cooked? Hey, thanks for your thoughtful idea to send me Rewena bread. How I'd love to have another loaf. Thanks, mate!