February 05, 2007

Blackberries Slice

Sunday was a lovely day. A bit windy, but was hot at the same time. My kids had been asking us when to go down the hill to pick the blackberries since we got up. It took more preparation that I thought, really. I should cover them up with long sleeves and long pants, in order to prevent them from scratches. It would work if they don't try to get too close to the bush.

The blackberries themselves are going to be slashed off and killed after they've finished fruiting this Summer, as John's been planting native plants. We want the hill is going to be a safe place for the kids to adventure. Putting a tree house would be great for them to enjoy and explore. That's the plan. At the meantime, I have to pick the blackberries and save them as many a

So, off we went down. A bit trouble with a slasher and a bush trimmer on John's one hand, while the other was taking Ben's. I was taking Sarah and had to carry her on my back on our way down. It was a steep hill. Some of the soil was very crumbly and would be too slippery for little feet. I was puffed when we arrived on the safe spot.

I just couldn't believe myself that those bushes which John had slashed off last year are growing tall, bushy, and scary with those spikey thorns poking around. Those which are having ripe fruits are very deep in the middle and I just couldn't risk my own hands to be poked thousands of thorns. Otherwise, it would become a painful job I ever recalled in my life. So, I had just to pick those which were poking out of the bush. The children loved them. My youngest daughter just couldn't help herself keep munching everytime I loaded the fruits in the basket.

Going back home, I just knew what to do with them. I read one of Barbara's entry on blueberry's breakfast, originally posted by Farmgirl Fare, and I followed the recipe, but I substitute the flour with gluten-free baking mix and rice flour. It turned out alright.


Barbara said...

Oooh that looks lovely Arfi. We had a blaackberry bush on our farm when I was growing up. My mother made blackberry pies. You look like a princess in your profile photo!

Tim said...

Arfi - you certainly have been busy in the kitchen! I can't keep up with your posts either. You are really lucky to have berries growing so close - even if there is a bit of a job to get them picked.

Freya said...

Hi! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog! Yours is lovely too and I will be stopping by again!

Arfi Binsted said...

Barbara-Yes, blackberry pies was one that came in my mind. I'd love to put meringue on top. That's an idea, Barb! And thanks for the compliment hehehe... It was taken on our wedding day.

Tim-We are lucky, indeed. And yes, it can be a painful job really. But it was fun!

Freya-Hi!! Thanks for dropping by. Keep in touch.