February 26, 2007

East Meets West in One Pan-from Mas Barens

I have come across so many acquaintances and later become friends or online buddies eversince I set up my account at Multiply. We have some common ground: loves cooking and enjoys eating. Take a look at fabulous cakes Irma Rode has made and created. There are Mbak Litha with her skills and experiences in culinary journeys, Mbak Ine with her mostly traditional cooking and bakeries skills, Yami who's enjoying Italian dish, Lia who's learning to make cakes and bread but mostly is good at Indian cuisine, Yanna who's taking cake orders and also a mother of one lovely daughter, and there are more and more of Multipliers who are involved in creating the most beautiful dishes that take into big considerations of Indonesian culinary world, that I can't cover one by one.

I love to try their recipes, especially those traditional recipes which I can apply to Western tastes to be enjoyed with friends and families. Indonesia is a rich country and it's impossible to learn every culture in a fortnight. It's taking time, but leisurely is enjoyable and fun.

There's not much of the real ingredients I can find in New Zealand, but there are always substitution and imagination which can be found and created for a simple dish.

I just came across this recipe when Mas (Bahasa Indonesia derived from Javanese = brother) Barens posted this favorite dish everyone enjoyed at his house last time they got together. I didn't really look what he used, but I simply knew what would come next. I thank Mas Barens for sharing this recipe. I do love it!

Indonesian version, click here.

Prawns in Shrimp Paste and Peanut Sauce
Source: Barens Hidayat

2kg Prawns (I used Kingfisher cooked prawns, 500g only)<-- Mas Barens used raw prawns, cleans, and trims 2 garlic cloves (finely chopped)
1 small brown onion (finely chopped)
5 small sheets shrimp paste (I used 2 tsps shrimp paste)
1 oz raw peanuts, roasted
5 Tbs tomato sauce (I didn't use)
2 Tbs hot chilli sauce (I didn't use)
1 Tbs dried shrimps, crushed
400ml water (I just pour a little hot water into the sauteed prawns)
3 Tbs cornflour, diluted in a bowl of water (I didn't use)
4 Tbs butter (I used 1 Tbs only)
Oil for frying the prawns (I didn't fry the prawns as I used frozen cooked prawns)
1cm ginger, sliced

Other ingredients I used:
1 tsp fish sauce,
1 tsp onion flakes,
2cm ginger, grated,
2 kaffir lime leaves, shredded
2 tsp capers
2 chives to sprinkle

Melt the butter. Add in the chopped onions and garlic. Cook until soft. On a low heat, add in the shrimp paste, cook until fragrant. Add in the roasted peanuts, mix well. Add in the sliced (grated) ginger and dried shrimps. Continue cooking for a little while. On a high heat, pour in the water, mix well and boil. Add in tomato sauce and hot chilli sauce. Mix well. Correct the seasoning with adding salt and pepper (I used freshly cracked blackpepper).

Meanwhile, fry the prawns (I just add the prawns in the last minute serving) until soft pink and cooked, then add into the hot sauce, mix well on a low heat. Pour in the diluted cornflour into the mixture, mix well. Remove from the heat and serve. (I add fish sauce, onion flakes, ginger, lime leaves, and capers just before I add in the prawns into the sauce. To serve them, I sprinkled with chopped chives).

Mas Barens suggests to eat them with mantou, either fried or steamed, or enjoy them with loaf bread.

Like he said: Selamat Menimati (Bon Apetite)!!


Gluten Free Vegan said...

Hi, just found your blog and all though not all of your recipes I could follow completely, you have given me some great ideas and ways to modify them to my own needs.

I will certainly be back...

Arfi Binsted said...

hello. thank you for considering my blog to be one of ideas you can apply or modify to your own needs and tastes. i think that's what it's made for. i'm so pleased. thanks a lot.