February 16, 2007

Thursday Night Fever of Teddy Bear Cuties

There's always something to look for when I attend the club every third Thursdays of the month. Creative, talented ladies are always ready to share their knowledge to a newbie like me. Pretty amazing background and experience they've got throughout the year that most of them are wonderfully packed with skills often brings enthusiastic spirit to me.

Given their maturity of cake decorating skills is something valuable to worth attending, I have learned much from each of them, especially from those who've traveled overseas to gain more knowledge from other cake decorators around the world. There've been to seminars, conferences, or demonstrations at some clubs they would attend and then come back with abundance of new inputs to share with the rest of us at the club. There's no one is the best, but we know we are enjoying sharing what we know best for the sake of the club and friendship.

This time, Michale showed us how to make these little Teddy Bears, which can be applied on cakes as either the centrepiece for Wedding Cake, or for novelty cakes. Maisi Parrish brought this skill on the conference in Gisborne and transferred to us by Michale last night. It should be easy when you look at the model. And surely, it'll be easy for a beginner. Roll and paste, that's the basic rules. And all of us came out with our own creation, I think it's reflected to our own personal taste. That what makes it rich.

If you'd like to try to make, don't buy specific tools, because all you mainly need is just toothpicks (or spaghetti) and a cutter. The circles to measure the right amount of sugarpaste for limbs can be cut from cardboard or any media you can think of. Other than that, feel free to color your teddy bear. After all, it's your personal touch.

Teddy Bear

Original idea by Maisi Parrish, demonstrated by Michale Gleeson

Note: Make two cutouts from a cardboard or an ice-cream box lid, measured in diameter 5cm (cutter No.3) and 4cm (cutter No.2).

Roll paste out and cut out four circles using cutter no 3 and cut one of cutter no 2. Form one of the larger circles into a cone of the body and insert a length of spaghetti into the top.

To make the legs, roll a sausage from a no 3 circle, turn up the ends and cut in half.

Secure the legs to the body, add a tummy button and stitch marks down the centre.

Roll the no 2 circle into a sausage and make a diagonal cut in the centre for the arms.

Secure the arms to the top of the body and bend into position.

Take the last no 3 circle and cut off a section at the top.

Roll the larger portion into a smooth ball for the head and make the ears snout and nose from the smaller piece.

Push the head over the spaghetti at the neck. Use a modelling tool to mark the eyes, nose and paws.

Add the nose and ears. Push the ears in place with a modeling tool.

Happy Decorating!


Nigel said...

Arfi, those are sooo cute - fantastic!

Bron said...

Gorgeous Arfi, so so so cute!
When Hannah saw them, she straight up said "ohhh I really like the skin-colour one with the hat!" hehe
She has great taste!

Arfi Binsted said...

Nigel--i think everyone was having fun making TBs hehehe

Bron--ha! she'll be able to do it, i suppose! i thought it would be great to put a hat on hehehe... cheers!