March 20, 2007

The Beloved Monarch Butterflies

It's got nothing to do with cooking whatsoever, but I am just very happy to see many Monarch butterflies caterpillars on our swan plants in the garden. I'm hoping that they'll finish their cycles perfectly alright and will either stay or migrate to somewhere they'd love to go. I personally would love them to come back and give the lively vibrant of fluttering wings around us. Beautiful experience to see such butterflies which are rarely being seen in the cities. I guess, we're just blessed to have them here.

Today, I looked at them in the garden and oh, they become really huge! The swan plants which I just planted this year were all stripped off. I am afraid that they won't be enough for all of them to survive as the adult butterflies keep coming each day to lay more eggs, but some people say that they'll manage it. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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