March 12, 2007


I had roast lamb on Saturday so Mum and Jan don't have to cook for the night. It was feeling so much merrier then Dad could come back home from the nursing home where he wasn't quite happy to be at. He was a bit brighter from what we saw at the hospital. I think he's much happier at home than at somewhere elses he's uncomfortable with.

At the same day, I could get a peek on what Peabody is leading us for HHDH#10. I wasn't quite sure if I could take a picture of it properly, as then I was preparing more cakes and cookies for our visitors the next day. But anyway, I'd love to participate.

The best thing is that my Sunday Lunch visitors were enjoying the cheesecake Peabody posted for us. I couldn't really have time to browse around or looking up in Donna Hay's magazines, so then I decided to just bake the classic baked cheesecake as to what Peabody posted.

So, here's my entry for Hay Hay It's Donna Hay #10, cheesecake edition which is hosted by Peabody of Culinary Concoctions by Peabody.

For English version click here.

And here's the Indonesian version

Classic Baked Cheesecake

Sumber: Modern Classics Book 2, Donna Hay.

Khusus untuk Ivonne yang suaminya suka banget ciskek ini. Mangga, dicobian nyak?

110g (3 ½ oz) biskuit manis, tumbuk, 2/3 cup almond meal (bubuk almond), 60g (2oz) mentega, lelehkan

Filling: 1 ½ sdM maizena, 1 ½ sdM air, 330g (11oz) cream cheese, biarkan dalam suhu ruangan, 460g (15oz) fresh ricotta cheese, 4 btr telur, 1 1/3 cup gula, 1 sdM kulit lemon parut, ¼ cup lemon juice

Lapisan biskuit: proses biskuit dalam food processor (sampai remuk). Tambahkan almond meal dan mentega leleh, lalu proses lagi sampai tercampur rata. Siapkan loyang 20cm, olesi mentega dan alasi kertas roti. Tuang biskuit lalu tekan-tekan. Diamkan di kulkas.

Panaskan oven suhu 150C (300F).

Filling: campur maizena dengan air hingga maizena larut dan kental. Proses cream cheese dalam food processor hingga lembut. Tambahkan larutan maizena, ricotta, gula, kulit jeruk lemon dan jusnya lalu proses sampai lembut. Tuang adonan ke atas biskuit lalu panggang selama 1 jam 10 menit atau sampai matang. Dingingkan di kulkas. Potong-potong lalu sajikan dengan double cream. Untuk 8 porsi.


Emma said...

It looks delicious! I am not sure that I dare try making a cheesecake because I will probably eat it all . . . sigh

Lia said...

Say, dad udah baikan ya? Moga kondisinya makin sehat terus ya... salam buwat blio. btw, ciskeknya bikin aku kelaperan ditengah dinginnya hujan (gue belon makan siyang niyy...)

Arfi Binsted said...

Emma!! What a surprise! I just went to look at what's you're up to yesterday and here you are!! How's holiday? Well, I think I'd better drop you some lines.

Arfi Binsted said...

liyah-wah di sini juga ujan, liy!! blowy, topan ringan. haduh ga bisa nonton siaran tv indonesia nih parabola ditiup angin mulu kagak dapet sinyal!! heheh. kangen. kapan2 aku telpon ya!! hugs.

Barbara said...

It looks delicious Arfi. I'm glad John's Dad is home and I hope he enjoyed some cheesecake. Thanks for participating.

Arfi Binsted said...

barbara-yes, he took a bit of cheesecake. he can't have too much as he's got diabetics history. thanks, barb!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Lovely cheese cake!