April 05, 2007

NZBBP-Happy Easter Parcel

Home-made Easter Buns from Emma

YAY! It's from Emma in Wellington! I and kids gathered up at the table on the deck as soon as I declared that I received the parcel.

The kids were excited and so was I. They got even more excited to see the little chicks Emma attached on the parcel and immediately wanted to take a picture with them on their hands.

Ben couldn't wait for me to heat the buns up and so I let him nibble one of them while he's watching me opening other items in the parcel. It's just like a birthday present!

Here's the items I received!

  • Home-made Easter buns: I love the taste of raisins, yeast, and spice blend together. And, the buns didn't get too dense when they arrived.

  • A jar of celery salt: also home-made. Emma wrote that it's good to sprinkle on boiled eggs! I certainly will try that.

  • A pack of mini crème Eggs and a pack of Marshmallow Eggs, both from Cadbury: It happens to be Emma's favorite and Easter without them wouldn't be the same, indeed!

  • Two packs of NZ Wild Herbs from Kaituna Farm: Horopito (Bush Pepper) and Kawakawa (Bush Basil). Looking at the picture of kawakawa reminds me of one of Indonesian herbs which called cabe Jawa (Javanese pepper), only that we used the peppery fruits instead of leaves as one of ingredients to make jamu (Javanese herbal drink or medicine). These herbs I might have not been able to find on the shelves of supermarkets, I suppose, and I know I'm curious to find out the flavours.

  • A pack of saffron which contains of 40 strands, grown in Greytown. I'm glad that I can use this for some cuisine I've been eyeing to try out.

  • A jar of sweet smoked paprika. I'll find out what to do with them, and I'm sure nothing to be wasted.

  • A cookbook called Cordon Bleu: Party Cooking, issued in 1972 (imagine that, I was only 1 year old!). This is the kind of book I will treasure.

Thank you, Emma for organizing NZBBP and especially for sending me the lovely parcel. John's enjoying the chocolate eggs now while I'm writing this (no worries!).

Have a Good Easter Break and Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it.


Emma said...

I am very glad it arrived safely and that you all enjoy the treats! I do love those old books, so I am very happy that you will enjoy it too.

Arfi Binsted said...

Yes, I do enjoy old cookery books. I think they are original and classic. Thanks once more!

Barbara said...

Lovley goodies for Easter Arfi. Happy Easter.

Arfi Binsted said...

Barb, happy Easter to you, too. I managed to take one small mini creme eggs before John finished them all for me hehehe