April 29, 2007

When You're Craving for Chocolate...

What would you do? Buy a cake of chocolate, make a batch of fudge brownies, bake a luscious chocolate cake, indulge yourself with scoops of rich chocolate mousse, or melt your fingers in the chocolate fondue? You may run down a long list until you think you've got rid of this little temptation bug in your brain. Or else, you're going to ignore it. Can you? But how?

I will go crazy if I don't do anything about it, though I may go for a long trip to reach the end. For the end will be Heaven, then the search shall be no more. You have to start climbing, otherwise you won't arrive to the pinnacle of the craving to be satisfied, don't you? And that means you are trying to explore and understand what the true meaning of satisfaction is.

During exploration, you will do some trials and errors until eventually you hit the right button of the pleasure and excitement. By that time, perhaps you've tried any chocolate dish or sweets ever invented in order to not being madly craved anymore. Maybe not for another span of time.

Anyway, I've been craving for chocolate for some weeks! Believe it or not, I can't always tell you when it comes and goes. But this time is way different. As I'm suffering from iron deficiency and been trying to increasing the iron level until this very day, I am only taking caffeine-free meals or drinks. I have to eat more red meat than I really want it (I'd rather eat fish or tofu than red meat!). I haven't eaten chocolate for three weeks! Can you imagine how I am long for it now? For such a chocolate-lover like me, that is. Sigh.

I have to be careful though if I want this craving to be satisfied at one go, then I should make something the way I really want. I've done a long list. I don't want a chocolate cake for it's already mixed with many other ingredients. The taste won't be the one that I want from chocolate I would enjoy. And I don't want chocolate mousse. Again, with the mixture of eggs and cream, I am still feeling guilty and can't enjoy the entire portion.

I can't think of anything else than the simple mixture of chocolate and cream. Without sugar. Like ganache. Like the Bailey's chocolate truffles filling I make every X-mas. Yes, that's what I want! Chocolate and cream.

I still have a jar of sour Morello cherries, that'll do to match with the rich dark chocolate and cream. And here I am, craving no more, with a pot of chocolate cream.

A Sinful Chocolate Cream Pot

This is only for one chocophile serving. If you can consume alcohol, you may want to add a dash of Bailey's Irish Cream, Cointreau, or Brandy. I am quite happy with chocolate, cream and vanilla. I use half of vanilla pod for a strong vanilla flavor. I love it! Be happy to add your favorite flavor as long as it suits your taste. To accompany the cream, I whipped the fresh cream and garnish it with Morello cherries. Use your favorite berries or other fruit you may think add you a pleasure. After all it's only for you.

125g dark chocolate (I used 72% Whittaker's Dark Ghana), chopped,
125g cream (fresh or thick, your choice),
half of vanilla pod, scrap out the seeds

Scald the cream with vanilla seeds and pod until very hot. Remove the pod and add in the chopped dark chocolate. Whisk until smooth. Pour into one large glass or tumbler or ramekin. Garnish with your favorite chocolate decoration or simply scoop it immediately to enjoy the full flavor of chocolate. Enjoy hot or cold.


Barbara said...

Oooh Arfi , any left? I'll drive out tonight!

Arfi Binsted said...

Sorry, Barb. Just finished hehehe. I promised will make the same pot again when we're having lunch one day.

eliza said...

looking sinfully delicious Fi ;)

Arfi Binsted said...

totally, liz!!! forget the waistline, I need to gain weight!