May 30, 2007

Cook and Eat Meat

I am feeling like I've been too much being a carnivore myself, by eating 100 grams of meat each day in order to increase my iron level which was dropped to 8 where mine was supposed to be within the normal range of 20-100 points. That was a lot to lose, really.

I had had iron deficiency twice during my two pregnancies but it wasn't as worst as this time. It was only dropped to 12 which then within weeks I could correct the level to 18, then got it normal again to 22 before the time of labour. I didn't consume chocolate, tea, or coffee during my pregnancies in order to help the iron taken from the iron-rich foods I took was absorbed easily in the blood. I had lots of nuts, dried fruits, orange juice and red meat as well as spinach (I felt like Popeye).

Red meat isn't our favorite menu at home. I used to be a vegetarian and my husband is not fond of meat, either. My daughter is the only one who loves meat. Nowadays, I have to make everyone eat meat although I cook different menu each day with different types of meat. I want us all to keep the iron level on the safe point. This is important to keep us balanced and stay healthy.

Iron deficiency anemia is told to be a common problem in most women, especially those who are pregnant and those who have heavy periods. The loss of blood after-natal sometimes can be a deathly trigger to drop the iron point to the lowest level which makes women feel uncomfortably dizzy and look pale.

I watched the news of Indonesian women who had blood loss after-natal almost any of them were died because of it. The KOWANI or Kongres Wanita Indonesia (Indonesian Women Congress Board) and other women organizations in Jakarta have been giving Indonesian women a shout-out to be aware of iron deficiency anemia by many trainings they do in rural areas. Many of these women didn't include red meat in their diet or eat less meat and other iron-rich food, especially within their pregnancy. It is caused by either the price of the meat itself as most of these women are living in poverty, or solely the disliking of the products. I am sure there are many other women in the world have similar reasons or many other reasons not to like meat, but let us hope they will consider to eat meat soon after they have read our recipes.

Red meat is a very good source of iron as it contains the essential amino acids which we sometimes are lacking of. The intake of 100 grams of lean meat daily will gradually increase your iron point to the normal one if you're suffering from iron deficiency anemia. Of course we have to trim the meat in order to get rid of most fat enveloped in it. It is said that,

a lean, cooked and trimmed sirloin will contain 65% protein and 35% fat compared to untrimmed sirloin which will contain 24% protein and 76% fat” [Diet and Nutrition-A Holistic Approach. Rudolph Ballentine, M.D. The Himalayan International Institute. Honesdale, Pennsylvania. 1978. p.116].

Other meat is as good as red meat although they have different iron source percentage from red meat.

I am asking you to raise the awareness together for all the women in the world to eat meat in order to correct the iron level, to keep the iron level steady, and to keep healthy by sending me your entry on Cook and Eat Meat as a one-off event. I believe the various recipes of meat will help other women to prepare meat for themselves as well as for the family for a little bit of change in the daily menu.

You can cook any meat you usually do at home and share with us. If you have had or had had iron deficiency anemia during your pregnancy(ies) or are still working it out, we'd like to hear your story if you don't mind to tell us. I know this uncomfortable disease can be cured if we watch what we eat and increase iron-rich food in our diets.

Please send me your entry by 16 June 2007 to cookandeatmeat(at)gmail(dot)com, together with your name, your blog URL, and the link of your post for this event . I will be happy if you would like to spread the words to your readers and might as well to announce this event in your own blog. Feel free to use the logo above and please give the credit to the event by the link. The round-up will be announced on 20 June 2007.

I'll be waiting for any creative meat recipes shall there be sent!


Chris said...

This one I can do. Its interesting your iron is low. I just posted last week (or so) that my iron was down to 2. Hmmm...I am iron pilling and iron fooding it up! :)

Arfi Binsted said...

oh, Chris!! we're on the same boat! I know and I am surprised myself, why it becomes so low. Yours is lowest than mine. I'll wait for you recipe. Thanks!!

Megan said...

This is a great event. I too am anemic, made worse by carbon monoxide poisoning in my workplace. I LOVE red meat, though, so it is no difficulty for me to eat as much of it as my family will tolerate. Thanks for doing this event.


Arfi Binsted said...

Megan, thanks so much for dropping by. It can be difficult at times when the iron is very low, especially when you're a mom with many kids (I only have two, and they are as active as ten kids). I need the energy to keep me up, and it's not fun for the kids to see me flopped on the bed without being able to play with them. Stay healthy, Megan. All the best for you.

So Simple said...

Hi Arfi
What a good idea. I love meat always have done and hopefully always will.
My daughter is pregnant and her iron was a low as 8. She was so tired and really grumpy. She does eat meat and she upped her intake but also was prescribed and iron supplement by her Doctor to be taken in conjunction with Vitamin C. Seems to have worked.
Anyway I have just posted a chicken liver dish so will enter it into your event.


Arfi Binsted said...

Hi! I'll wait to wrap up your entry! and yes, meat and vitamin C are good mates! Hope your daughter is feeling well now.

Elise said...

Sorry I'm just finding this now, I would have loved to participated. Years ago I had a large fibroid tumor and suffered from anemia. When they tested my blood they found half as much hemoglobin in it than I should have had. The nurses couldn't believe I could even walk. I never used to eat much red meat before then. Now I'm a confirmed carnivore.

Arfi Binsted said...

I am glad you are alright now. I had had a tumor a long time ago when I was only 21 years old. I'm tumor and cancer-free now. It was only that I didn't eat meat regularly this anemia came up. I understand the importance of red meat now. Well, keep well, Elise. And thank you for putting on a comment on this.