June 07, 2007

A Basket Full

Do you often feel that when the mood really ticks and you respond well, the next thing you know is you're getting out of your comfort zone? You dare to sacrifice, you dare to be with yourself and your mind for quite sometime, until you feel there is no mood to do more than what you've been doing.

That happens to me. One time I just want to cook a lot, try other ingredients and recipes which I think I can't do. Sometimes they turn out good and the family will say 'mmm...' but other times they don't really the thing you'd like to come back for more. The other time, I just want to bake a lot although I have to look for some people who don't mind to be my testers and searching for them are not difficult.

Mood does make an impact on developing cake decorating skill. I have stopped cake decorating for some months now. I resent to even look at the tools or touch the sugarpaste.

The thing about cake decorating is that it is a part of art, only you are playing with sugarpaste, royal icing, marzipan, or buttercream. When you think you're quite capable of doing it, you would just nod your head 'okay, I've done that.' But what about a challenge? Would somebody spend so much time decorating a cake for hours and ignoring everything(one) else? Would ANYbody actually WANT to do cake decorating?

I am still a 'baby' in the cake decorating world and I don't practice a lot. I tend to make it as a gift. Unfortunately, not anyone I know is having a birthday when I am in the mood of cake decorating, so I just don't do anything. Or, when someone is having a birthday I am not in the mood of cake decorating, but I still can bake a cake.

However, I manage to make this basket of yellow roses for my friend's birthday this weekend which I will throw a luncheon date with other close friends on the very special occasion. I am in the mood!

It took me three days to finish this little basket. I started with moulding the sugarpaste around a straight-sided ramekin and leave it until dried. When the ramekin was removed, I got the basket base. The next thing I did was piping the roses and a primrose. I also made moulded tiny flowers, like the hyacinth and jasmine. Leave them to dry.

The piped roses I made from royal icing and tinted with golden yellow. When the basket base was ready, I made another royal icing and tinted brown. I began to make the basketweave on the bottom of the basket, and leave it for a few hours. When it's dry, I continue weaving on the sides of the basket. I leave that overnight.

The next morning I made sugarpaste tinted green, and put it in the basket for the base of the flowers. With little dots of royal icing, I paste all the flowers arranging with different sizes on the green paste. Then, I made more royal icing to make the leaves, tinted pale green and divided the base royal icing to make red dots and electric green for more colors and texture on the basket. I piped the basket handle with wine red. I should have piped scrolls or shells on the wire, but I had put the flowers on. If you want to, you can pipe the shells on the wire before you put the flowers on the green paste in the basket.

Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, when time doesn't matter and you're in the mood, you CAN DO IT! Have a try, then you'll know what you're capable with. HAVE FUN!!!

In Bahasa Indonesia

Saya lagi bangkit semangat cake decorating-nya dan saya coba bikin keranjang bunga dengan royal icing. Cobain deh, hasilnya lumayan cantik. Cocok untuk centerpiece cake pengantin atau acara lainnya. Mudah-mudahan memberi semangat baru dan ide baru ya buat temen-temen yang suka cake decorating.

  1. Buatlah lingkaran sebagai dasar keranjang. Lalu potong memakai pisau yang tajam. Ukur berapa panjang lingkaran, lalu potong persegi panjang seukuran dengan panjang lingkaran tersebut. Lalu rekatkan pada sisi-sisi lingkaran, dengan dibantu dengan botol atau ramekin yang mempunyai sisi tegak lurus. Biarkan mengering lalu botol/ramekinnya diangkat. Anda akan mendapatkan basket mould.

  2. Setelah mendapatkan basket mould, mulailah membuat anyaman di bawah keranjang, biarkan kering. Lalu lanjutkan ke sisi-sisi keranjang. Biarkan mengering.

  3. Buatlah sugarpaste dengan memberi warna hijau, lalu letakkan ke dalam keranjang dan beri pegangan keranjang dari kawat. Kalau mau pegangan keranjangnya dekoratif, bisa piping scrolls atau shells ke atas kawat sebelum melengketkan bunga ke dalam keranjang.

  4. Bunga-bunga yang sebelumnya sudah dibuat dan sudah kering, letakkan ke atas sugarpaste hijau di dalam keranjang tadi, dengan royal icing sebagai alat perekat. Lalu buatlah daun dan dekorasi lainnya menurut selera dan ide.

Selamat Berkarya!!


Brilynn said...

That is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen, WOW!

Arfi Binsted said...

hehehe... thanks, Brylinn!

Deborah said...

Oh my goodness - you are very talented!! I think it would take me many, many years of practice to be able to pull this off. Gorgeous!

Arfi Binsted said...

Deborah: actually, it doesn't really take that long if you have got the 'key' and mood to do it, it will be flowing as long as you are willing to. Give it a try, then you'll know! Thanks for your nice comment.

Uwi said...

Duuuh speechless deh fi liat keranjang ini!!!Nunggu mood dulu deh buat bikinnya hehehe....!

Arfi Binsted said...

Uwi, bikin rame-rame, jadinya asyik deh! hehehe memang mood itu memegang peranan penting ya kita enjoy atau ga-nya. hugs.

Barbara said...

Arfi that is gorgeous. You are so clever.

Chris said...

Arfi! This is stunning....amazing...fabulous! Let me say it again...

Lia said...

Greatttttt job mba, aku sampe bengong liatnya, cantikk bangetttttttt!!! andai kita tetanggaan aku pasti mau belajar darimu :)

Bruno said...

Arfi... one word, fantastic!
I don't know if I would have the patience to practice until I became as talented as you. Everything looks so real, including the basket!

Arfi Binsted said...

Barb: I am still a learner hehehe.. thanks anyway.

Lia: hehehe... di sini yang tetanggaan aja blum tentu mau belajar. kamu bagus punya semangat.

Bruno: Thanks so much. I just tried it and my mood was great. so, there there was.

Arfi Binsted said...

Chris: thanks a lot hehehe...

neni said...

ya ampun mba..aku sampe terpinga-pinga liat cake-nya. bagus banget sih. sementara aku mo bikin royal icing aja bingung hehe.. eh iya salam kenal mba arfi. anakku ntar mo 2 taun tgl 4 juli, rencananya mo bikin cake sendiri. emang bener ya icing cake itu pake telor mentah? pls ya mbak..ragu-ragu nih hehehe