June 18, 2007

Intermezzo: laa laa cake, Sarah eats the cake

The trouble when you have a small child who really really really loves your cake, you will end up either with pinched sides of the cake or you might find fingerprints on your icing. That what happens to me. My youngest daughter loves cakes and is pretty much a sweet tooth herself. She just can't help herself when she sees a bowl of melted chocolate, she would immediately dip her fingers in it if I don't watch her closely. Very different from her older brother who is much more careful and consciously aware of what kind of sweets he's allowed to have or not.

This cake was supposed to be 20cm round. With pinched sides all over the rim of the cake, I had to cut it and I only got 15cm round. Imagine that! Rather than scolding her, I prefer to think what I should do with the cake. With only 15cm circle, there's not much left to ice either. Well, we would just end up eating a petite slice of cake.

So, I still cut it in half, sandwich the cakes with whipped cream mixed with raspberries. Then I wrapped the cake around with baking paper. I was running out of it, so I could just wrap it with single sheet. It was not enough to hold the mixed fruit salad with gelatin, and I had to wrap the bottom side of the cake with plastic wrap until I could not longer see any leaking gelatin.

Oh, then again the worst part was that my daughter put the gelatin into the gelatin mixed with fruit salad when I rested the bowl on to the benchtop. So, there we had lumps of gelatine everywhere. I could not say anymore but then just used it. In the end, I told her: here's your cake, darling.

I think I should just look at the bright side: she's learning to make a cake and I will have a good little tester and helper later on. [sigh with smile]

We ate this cake after we had had a nice climb up the hill in the chilly weather at Port Waikato. Many young people surfed there. I certainly am not going to get near the water! We climbed up the path of the hill and waited till the sun was set and then climbed down again to have a cup of soup I brought from home, homemade bread, crackers and cheese. Ralph Dwen bought some kumara (sweet potato, ubi jalar) chips from the nearest takeaway shop. Pretty good to beat up the chilly night! You can see the pictures on my FoodnGarden photo album if you'd like. Just click here.

This is also my entry for Monthly Mingle Scream for Ice Cream which is hosted by the lovely mingler Meeta of What's For Lunch, Honey? The ice cream is my homemade vanilla ice cream.

Well, folks. Enjoy the cake and the ice cream while I'm wrapping up all the entries of Cook and Eat Meat. I will post it as soon before 21 June as I can. Thank you for participating on the event.


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