June 03, 2007

Sweet Sweet Friends

I am thanking you all
for welcoming me be one of your friends

I am very thrilled to find and meet good people through the internet that actually makes me feel be a member of the blogging world, the largest online community in the world.

I have known Barbara through her blog and have met her several times on several occasions. She ever brought me a pot of Chrysanthemum on our first get together, and I planted it in my garden afterwards. When they were flowering, I was very delighted to see it. It's just like a reminder that it's from Barbara and it's thriving in my garden! Here's for you, Barb and thank you for the wonderful communication we're building up!

Red Chrysanthemum

I also have met some people from a Yahoogroups in Jakarta whose members are cooks, foodies, and Indonesian culinary experts who live in different countries across the world.

Natural Cooking Club Owner, Moderators and Members

I have recently met a group of people from North Shore who are apparently reading my posts on FoodnGarden blog and have as well tasted their home-cooking and they as well have tasted my desserts.

And there are many other online friends through my other blog FoodnGarden I have been communicating with who are very kind and generous. Indri who lives in Tulsa, USA, sent me a tumpeng (turmeric coned-shape rice) liner as a substitute for banana leaves because she knew that banana leaves are hard to be found fresh here.

Mbak Titiek who lives in North Shore bought me two boxes of Indonesia-made food which she could easily purchased in Tofu Shop near her place when she came down to see us last time.

Anna who lives in Christchurch had sent me two three boxes of Indonesia-made ingredients which I can't find here in the countryside.

Indonesian Traditional Cakes

And recently, I received a parcel of two books from Mbak Esti in Jakarta, Indonesia, which I can't find any in the bookstores.

Not to mention those people who are willing to help when I have problems with photography, blogging stuffs, and event, I can always write and get the results as almost as immediately. I am so blessed and so thankful to have these people around me. These people are amazing! Thank you, guys!

I have tried some recipes I read in the cookbook of Indonesian traditional cookies and cakes. The tricky part is that most of these recipes use fresh shredded coconut flesh or fresh young coconut flesh, sticky rice which I don't know where to find here in Pukekohe, fermented cassava, and fresh fragrant leaves like pandanus leaves and banana leaves for wrapping. However, I am just doing what I can and am quite happy to have the recipes at hand.

One of the easiest and simplest one I find is martabak manis (Indonesian [yeasted] sweet pancakes). This snack is often sold at night at food stalls when the air was crisp and the evening is shadowy, mingled with the aroma of yeasted pancakes, chicken/beef/lamb satay, and chatter chatter chatter while none of the hungry foodies ever minds that it's the time to sleep. It's all about festive, it's all about food! Nightie snacks, what else? Now, I can do it myself in my kitchen, miles and miles away from homeland.

Martabak Manis (Indonesian [yeasted] Sweet Pancakes)

Source: Kue-Kue Indonesia. [Yasa Boga. Pt Gramedia Pustaka Utama. Jakarta. 2007]

I found that the pancakes are too sweet for our taste, so next time I will reduce the sugar. Feel free to use different topping. You can use the batter with savoury topping as well and omit the sugar and replace it with salt or cheese.

250g plain flour, 375cc coconut milk, warmed, 150g caster sugar, 2 eggs, 1 tsp instant dried yeast, 1/4 tsp baking soda

Topping: (any of these or combined)

  • roasted peanuts, remove the husks and chopped,

  • sesame seeds, toasted,

  • caster sugar,

  • chocolate (chips or chopped dark chocolate),

  • sweetened condensed milk,

  • jam

Sprinkle the yeast onto the warmed coconut milk and set aside until frothy. Combine the flour and sugar together, and make a hole in the middle, put the eggs in. Mix well while pouring in the frothy yeast mixture until the sugar is dissolved. Add in the baking soda, mix well. Set aside for 15 minutes at a warm place.

Heat the frying pan or pancake pan, wipe with margarine (or butter). Pour the batter in and cook until risen. Sprinkle the topping before the the surface gets really dry. Fold (like you're folding an omelet). Remove from the pan and cut to your liking.

In Bahasa Indonesia

Mbak Esti, makasih banget bukunya. Sangat aku hargai perhatian Mbak Esti. Aku baru coba martabaknya, enak, meskipun terlalu manis buat kami sekeluarga apalagi kalo ditaburi kacang, coklat dan SKM. Lain kali aku kurangi deh gulanya. Aku jadi nambah ilmu dari buku ini. Hugs.

Martabak Manis

Sumber: Kue-Kue Indonesia. [Yasa Boga. PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama. Jakarta. 2007]

250g tepung terigu, 375cc santan hangat, 150g gula pasir, 2 btr telur, 1 sdt ragi instan, ¼ sdt soda kue

Taburan menurut selera:

  • kacang tanah, sangrai, kupas, cincang,

  • wijen, sangrai

  • gula pasir

  • cokelat

  • susu kental manis

  • selai buahan

Masukkan ragi ke dalam santan hangat, aduk sampai larut dan berbuih, sisihkan. Campur tepung dan gula, buat lubang di tengahnya, masukkan telur ke dalamnya. Uleni sambil dituangkan larutan santan, sampai gula larut, masukkan soda kue, uleni kembali sampai tercampur rata. Biarkan kurleb 15 menit di tempat hangat.

Panaskan wajan martabak dan olesi margarin. Tuang adonan ke dalamnya sampai naik, sebelum permukaannya mengering, masukkan bahan taburan, lipat dua, angkat, potong menurut selera.


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Wow, those pancakes look so good! How wonderful that you have met so many great people through the online foodie world! Isn't it a wonderful thing!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Andaliman said...

hikss mau terang bulannya mbakkk

Chris said...

What a lovely post, Arfi! I must admit, the whole world that opened up when I began my blog threw me off! It is wonderful how you've found so many great and wonderful people.

I love this recipe. Just hearing the word Indonesia usually makes my mind while with "no can do" thoughts with recipes. But, this looks like something I could do. Maybe when I get back from my trip! :) Yum!

Barbara said...

And thank you for your friendship Arfi. The little pot of flowers grew into a big bunch of flowers just like our friendship.

Arfi Binsted said...

Jenn: hello, nice to see you here. Yes, I think there are many good people out there which makes the world is so much to look at, in a beautiful way.

Andaliman: hehehe silakan icip-icip.

Chris: I know Indonesian food usually are complex and complicated, but perhaps because I am used to doing it, I just can't find it hard, though some of them I would just leave till ticking my mood. I'm glad you consider this recipe is a 'can do' one hehehe.

Barb: Thanks, Barb. hugs.