July 28, 2007

4 x 4

I have no idea if this meme has been going on for quite sometime. I am so bad at 'blogwalking'. With very limited time, I hardly know what's going on out there on the blogosphere and what events are happening at the moment. I would not have had a clue if I am not 'asked' to do this or not visiting IMBB site or have a notice by emails.

Being and living in the rural area means that we can't get any broadband which offers fastest access, instead we have to using dial-up with screeching sounds of the modem. You can't imagine how much time I have spent to even load the Google page, and I often feel frustrated as it's ages to upload one picture! I hate to say I'm struggling, and I don't really think it is that bad, really. I am still here, writing this and that, only I am very slow at visiting other bloggers' sites (please, forgive me). I am so grateful to have such good readers who visit my blog each day eventhough I am not writing anything. Thank you so much! Your attention is much more appreciated than you would know! I still exist because of you.

We have been having upsetting moments lately with the lambing season is at hand. Our pet sheep, the one and only Lucey is died of a disease we did not what. The worst part is that she was pregnant. I was very upset and I just could not help myself from tears, recalling she had had a quite life because the other flock of sheep didn't want her, her mother rejected her when she was just born, and she was dying quietly there. Poor old Lucey. Another upsetting moment that there was another ewe who was carrying babies and she could not deliver, but she dropped out her uterus and bladder, so we had to end her pain. We tried to save the lambs but they were already dead inside her. That was enough for me, especially, to be upset for some time. I have to think that those sheep and lambs were much happier now that they are not in pain anymore.

And this morning, I picked up a little ram lamb from Mum and Dad's paddock who's very weak and whose mother is only feeding his twin. He cries and I think he's starving. We brought him home and fed him. He was very happy to taste milk in his mouth again. We're having yet another pet lamb after losing pet sheep. The children are quite happy with him and watching him closely, though I have to remind them to be gentle as they always want to carry him around and put him on their lap, taking turns. I think it'll be a bit much, probably a bit shock for the little lamb at this moment. I am just glad the children are showing affection on animals.

Apart from the busy-ness of doing the wifey and motherly tasks, I am enjoying myself to another hobby I have been developing. I love taking pictures and I am a self-taught learner-photographer. Not the food ones, but more about nature, human interests, animals or pets, and landscape. I received a great camera from my hubby as the birthday present and I LOVE it! I love exploring everything and every corner of my house, garden and farm, just to capture some things interesting with my new camera. Therefore, I am setting up a photo blog to share with you, too. Some of you might have discovered the blog through my sidebar which I've named Through My Lens, some of you might not. I was inspired by Ilva of Lucullian Delights and love her views on photography. I am hoping that we will be able to exchange this passion more often than before.

Do you have a photography site as well? If you do, please feel free to add my photo blog, I'd love to hear and learn from you! And don't forget to tell me yours.

Anyway, Gilli from So So Simple Food had tagged me with this 4 x 4 meme.

4 Favourite Foods

Indonesian Mangoes (there are many varieties of mangoes in Indonesia, and I love them all!),
Rice cooked with coconut milk and eaten with steamed vegetables sprinkled with spiced coconut threads and floured-fried tempeh,
Coriander and Garlic Roast Chicken with Creamy Peanut Sauce,
crème Brulee (any sort)

4 Foods I Will Never Eat

Pork Belly,
Any Animal Guts (except if someone can cook me flavoursome chicken liver) and any animal blood,

4 Jobs I've Had

Freelance Translator,
Sales Executive,
Assistant Manager,

4 Films I Could Watch More than 4 Times

Motorcycle Diaries,
The Lord of The Rings,
Bulan Tertusuk Ilalang (Indonesian movie)

4 Places I'd Like to be at This Moment


I am passing this meme on to Anh of Food Lover's Journey. I love her recipes and had tried her slow cook stew for Cook and Eat Meat event last time.


Jen said...

Im so sori to read about Lucey
an interestng post about New Zealand farming life :)
Im going to check out your photo blog as I love the photos you have put on here

what year do you teach???

Barbara said...

Living on a farm is like that. We always had little lambs in our kitchen being fed with a baby bottle.

Scribacchini said...

Great! This meme began in France 2 or 3 monthes ago then I translated it in italian and thanks to Mari (Cuoche dell'altro mondo) it crossed the oceans.
I can unterstand what blogging without broad band means. We spent 2 years that way. It can be very frustrating.
Hope that sheep and lambs are ok now.
Bye. Kat

elyani said...

Arfi, I'm so sorry to hear this. I know what that is like. I lost my dog in Feb this year, he was 13 and very much part of my life. Be at peace that Lucey is scampering in a field of soft green grass and wild flowers up there in the heaven.

So Simple said...


Sorry about your sheep Lucey. But the good news is your kids are adorable and I’m sure they will do a good job nurturing the little lamb.
So nice to read about your likes and dislikes. Funny all Food Bloggers seem to want to be in France or Italy wonder why?
I don't envy you on dial up. That's all I can get on the boat it drives me mad. Keep on keeping on!!!