July 23, 2007

About Lovely Blogs NZ

Introducing another blogger who's blogging NZ blogs nationwide! Charlotte wrote to me last week as she was interested in my blog, so we had a little 'e-interview' as she said, and then there she wrote it not long after. Thank you, Charlotte! And as I said earlier, there are many lovely blog and bloggers in NZ, you can find them on my sidebar.

The Blog about Charlotte NZ Blogging: Lovely Blogs NZ
The Blog about HomeMadeS: Foodie: HomeMadeS



Poonam Phatak-Mutha said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. I love those baby pecan pies. Enjoyed reading your posts...

Arfi Binsted said...

thank you!!

Gli Scribacchini said...

I too like very much your blog I discovered thanks to .
Your photo blog is great. I'm waiting for more.
Do you remember a song by Cindy Lauper called "Faraway nearby" ? Internet makes it possible ;-)

Gli Scribacchini said...
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