July 02, 2007

July Special Birthday Cake

This month last year, I made a birthday cake which was two layers of sponge and iced with buttercream. The flowers were made from white chocolate. The technique was simple: used an ice cream scoop to roll the chocolate to resemble flowers.

July this year, after the basket I made last time, once again I dared myself to try to make this decorated cake using the combination of royal icing and sugarpaste. I am using a fruit cake for what I know that it keeps well which gives strong structure to work with. I covered the cake with almond paste (marzipan) and sugarpaste (white icing), for the start.

The design I wanted to use last time was a decoupage girl, and I wasn't succeeded. I think more practice will take me to that stage, but right now, I am quite happy what I have achieved. I said to myself at least I will enjoy making it, apart from being frustrated to see some unaccomplished-as-expected-to designs which apparently is something I have to deal with. However, the cake comes up nice although is still far from perfect. Like my fellow cake decorators in the club said many times 'practice makes perfect'.

And why July? Well, I was born on 4th of July. Yes, I know, it is the same day as the American's Independence Day, it is easy to remember, isn't it? Fancy that, my birthday is celebrated by the Americans, nationwide! What a bliss! Well, folks, everytime you see fireworks on the 4th of July night sky, would you please throw your hands up for me, say my name and whisper or even shout out 'happy birthday, Arfi', please?

I am sharing the birth month with my daughter, my two cousins, my uncle, and my brother. And I discovered that my dear friend Barbara (and husband Bryan), and also her friend Mary are the people I am sharing the birth month with. Not to mention many of my fellow Multipliers are sharing birthdays in the same month as well. That what makes July is a special month.

So, happy birthday, July people. Wish you all the best. Enjoy the cake!

Buat temen-temen MP yang sedang atau akan berulang tahun di bulan Juli, saya ucapkan Selamat Ulang Tahun ya! Bahagia selalu! Silakan, kuenya dipotong. Buat my dear friend Irma, ini trellis work-nya, Ir meskipun kurang rapih. Semoga karyaku ini bisa lebih menyemangati kamu ya, Ir! Karyamu bakal jauh lebih rapi! Enjoy!


elyani said...

What a lovely cake! I love your blog, Arfi. Now if only I could borrow your artistic hands for my niece upcoming birthday :)

Bron said...

What a gorgeous cake! Far too pretty to eat you understand! hehe
Happy Birthday Arfi!!!

Arfi Binsted said...

Elyani: well, then, I'll fly away to your place hehehe...

Bron: thanks, mate! This cake is only for a display hehehe...!

Barbara said...

Beautiful cake Arfi. Have a wonderful birthday.

So Simple said...


What a cake...superb decorations you are clever.
Happy Birthday for yesterday hope you had a lovely day.


Arfi Binsted said...

barbara and gilli: thank you. hugs.

Kelsie said...

Perhaps you think you need more practice, but I think the cake is perfect as it is!
And happy (much belated) birthday!