August 31, 2007

Fancy Cupcakes

I was inspired by Peggy Porchen's 'Pretty Party Cakes' cake decorating book and I definitely knew what to contribute on Daffodil Day. Actually, the leaflet was spread only two days before the actual day, so I only have one day baking and one day decorating.

I was thinking the quick way of making roses. Avoid the traditional way of using petal cutters, glueing, and other stuffs you probably don't want to know in order to making effects on petals. I was running out of time (was rushed with meals, bathtime, bedtime, kids, chores in between, you know) and didn't think of all that. So, for the roses, I only used my simple way: one ball of marzipan, roll sausage shape, flatten one side with fingertip, smooth a little bit with ball tooling, then start from the far side of the flatten sausage, roll inwards. The rest of it is depending on how you will use your imagination.

As for the leaves, I had to spend more time to do them because I had to use leave cutter. Once it was cut, I use the tip of my spatula (I use a palette spatula for painting, another option and a cheaper way to collect it than if you have to buy spatula specially for cake decorating—or you can use the tip of a blunt knife) to mark the leaves.

The cupcakes themselves are sponge cakes and iced with buttercream. I choose sponge cakes because they are easy to make and will rise very well for little cups. And also they will taste pretty good with simple buttercream.

We went to Tuakau around 10am and there were already some ladies buying sweets people donated for Daffodil Day. There were also raffle tickets, huge parcels from sponsors, and a man with his toy (why men are always in charge of BBQ, it's a mystery to me). When I was approaching the stall, some pretty ladies went goggled to see my cupcakes and you know what? She bought my cupcakes immediately when they were labeled 4 for 6 dollars (and there were plenty more in the box for others to purchase). Pretty good, isn't it? Oh, I'm just hoping (I'm sure other bakers and sponsors are hoping as well) that everything/anything we do to support will help the Cancer Society doing the research and may help people in need.

My warm regards to all of you who are still fighting cancers (indeed, it goes specially to my dear friend Barbara): my thoughts are all for you. Keep strong, keep fighting, and keep smiling!


Addition: My Mum-in-Law had just been there and there ought to be a misunderstanding about whose cupcakes were there. Because I used cake board and cover from Pak n Save which has Pak n Save still stamped on, they thought the cupcakes are from Pak n Save. But no, I made them myself. I regret this misinformaiton as the ladies didn't take the time to ask my name and where the cupcakes were from. Perhaps not important for them, but it can be for the bakers.


Deborah said...

What beautiful cupcakes! I would have bought some, but I'm afraid I'm a bit too far away!

Hillary (of Chew on That) said...

Oh wow, how gorgeous! Very nice rose petals and leaves you've made there...I'm very impressed.

Barbara said...

They are beautiful cupcakes Arfi. There were ladies in charge of the BBQ in Takapuna.

Jen said...

bless you
you clever thing you
they do look beautiful

Coffee & Vanilla said...

Beautiful :)

Cakelaw said...

Arfi, these cupcakes are exquisite! I love the idea for making quick and easy sugar roses -ready-made decorations are so expensive and mostly do not look as stylish as this. I will have to give it a try.

Chris said...

These cupcakes look lovely!!

Arfi Binsted said...

Deborah: hehehe... you can always imagine... it's powerful, too really... *joking*.

Hillary: thanks, Hillary!!

Barbara: I bet you went there, Barb. I got yellow band on my wrist now.

Jen: thanks, Jen! hehehe... *blushed*

Coffee&Vanilla: thanks!

Cakelaw: I do understand that cake decorating is very expensive. The ladies in the club are mostly make money out of cake decorating and always go to cake decorating conferences held in NZ or abroad. They're very professional. I am just a baby hehehe...

Chris: thanks, mate! hugs.

Kelsie said...

Those are some BEAUTIFUL cupcakes! You did a wonderful job and I'm sure they taste as good as they look!!