August 25, 2007

Make Friends with Water

I think anyone will know that water is essential to our life, but let me ask you something and be honest: will you choose a glass of water over a cup of cappuccino?

Water makes up 70% of our body weight, 80% of our blood, 70% of our lean muscle, and a whopping 85% of our grey matter” [French Women Don't Get Fat. Mireille Guiliano. Chatos & Windus. 2005. p.163] which should be something to reconsider and aware of. That if we don't drink plenty of water a day, where should our body get it to replace the water it's losing through perspiration, breathing and body wastes? Even though you're eating healthy, food can only give you a few percentage of their water through fruits and vegetables.

Dehydration is often occurred when we're not aware that our body needs a good supply of water to get through the day and the next day-as we also are losing water during sleeping. Often, when we're thirsty, we'd rather drink coffee, tea, alcohol, or soft drinks than a glass of water. It's like answering a question with a wrong answer.

The facts about water is that it contains no calories, it can get rid of stuffs your body never wants, and the good thing is that your body likes it. “Water helps maintain the electrolyte balance in our bodies and can ease everything from muscle cramps to headaches, weakness, and fatigue.” [[French Women Don't Get Fat. Mireille Guiliano. Chatos & Windus. 2005.]

I have become a water drinker since I felt the benefits of it. Starting the day with a glass of water is refreshing the whole organs I have. I seem can think much clearer and my body feels 'light'. Drinking water is also moisten my skin as I have dry skin. The sensation of water is felt very different from a cup of coffee. Water gives cleansing sensation but coffee gives the speed to our vital organ that makes us to rush.

Some people don't really like the taste of water. You probably have your own reason. I always like to slice a lemon or lime in my drinking water, so do my children and hubby. In Ubud, we usually have our drinking water infused with chopped lemon grass leaves. I think whatever the taste is, the lemon, lime or lemon grass can give a flavour you may like. Have a try.

I am giving this logo away for you all who make friends with water and who find its benefits to your health and who would like to spread the words: 8 Glasses A Day. Please, feel free to use it as to a reminder for all of us to keep sipping fresh water. 8 glasses a day is fair enough for our body, folks.

Keep drinking, everyone!


Andaliman said...

I like starting my day by drinking a glass of water with a bit squeezed lemon in it in the morning. I have been doing this since I was reading Andang Gunawan's book "Food Combining". I would love to use this logo as well. Thank you, mbak Arfi

bee said...

beautiful logo and an important message. thanks.

Coffee & Vanilla said...

I will post it on my blog, very good idea... maybe it will remind me finally of drinking more water... I still end up on 4 glasses of water, 2-3 decaf teas and 1 cup of decaf coffee a day...

Greetings, Margot