November 10, 2007

The Smile Makers

I am very grateful to be acknowledged one of blogger's smile-makers, initiated by Jeni of Passionate Palate and been given this You Make Me Smile award by Chris of Mele Cotte. Chris' thought of me is really highly appreciated and I'm so happy that I make her smile.

I have many people around me who can make me smile and it is beyond limits. However, I have to find some people whose blogs I enjoy reading and whose personality I often find wonderful. Here they are:

  1. Irma Rode is one of my moderators of Klub Berani Baking (Indonesian Baking Club) and one of my fellow bloggers from Multiply who I admire for her cake decorating projects, cake-making, and photographs. The most of all, I really believe that we share the common dream: be a good baker!

  2. Sylvie Gill is the mother of one and who shares common interests and personal values with me. We don't communicate that much, but if we do, we're clicked!

  3. Katie of Thyme for Cooking is one lady I would feel be-yourself kind of impression when we're exchanging news. I always enjoy her story of her French countryside garden and how she's dealing with it, pretty much like mine.

  4. Bron of Bron Marshall is always my favorite photographer and it's always fun chatting with her. It's not a shame thing to actually admit what's going on around the house because our circumstance is alike. I am looking forward for her to come back blogging!

  5. Barbara of Winos and Foodies is a friend who often gives me other insights of culinary experiences and the worlds that I have found new and interesting.

Have a good smile weekend!


katiez said...

Aefi, That is so sweet - you make me smile, too :-))
Mille merci!

Chris said...

Thanks for being fabulous! :)

Barbara said...

Oh thank you Arfi.I'm honoured. You make me smile too.

Arfi Binsted said...

Katie: terima kasih kembali (you're most welcome).

Chris: same to you! Hugs.

Barbara: hehehe... me too! more smiles next week?

Bron said...

Thank you so much Arfi, this is so sweet and made me smile from ear to ear! Many smiles and hugs coming your way!