November 25, 2007

Whitebaiting Down the Waikato River

I and Ralph have been talking about going down the river to do whitebaiting for quite a long time before they went to India, and apparently it could just happen last Wednesday. The morning was just gorgeous with bright sunshine, although it became cloudy towards midday. When we arrived at Ralph and Sue Dwen's house, Barbara and Bryan had just arrived. We went down the river afterwards where Ralph had been expecting us. The path was a bit muddy at some parts, but it was not that bad.

Ralph was waiting for the bait while he was welcoming us. The Dwens have been whitebaiting for a few generations and Ralph is the one who's practically into it. Every year, he always invites us to come down and gives us the catch of the day to take home. At this time, we had whitebaites fritters: fresh catch of the day, freshly cooked by Sue, and fresh view of the river itself.

Whitebaites are baby fish which only can be caught in the net in September to November, and it's quite an expensive New Zealand delicacy. They taste sweet, nothing like mud-flavour you can sometimes find in river fish. Perhaps, that's the ultimate satisfaction flavour of catch of the day. Very fresh, very sweet.

It was a very nice light lunch. Barbara baked potato foccacia, and we had lunch with all sort of things. Of course, I also had baked scones, green cheese rolls, mini vegetable quiches, and also brought Greek Shortbreads for, especially, Barbara to taste. It was just a great farewell, actually when we don't get to see Barbara and Bryan before they moved to Queensland. Good luck, Barb!

You can view more photos on my photo album at Whitebaiting Down the Waikato River.


Bryan said...

It was a wonderful outing Arfi. It was very special to us being our last visit to you before we go to Australia. And I'm so pleased to have tasted your wonderful Greek Shortbreads and green swiss roll.

Arfi Binsted said...

B n B, it's a bit sad to let you go, but I guess we can always visit you down there when we visit Jan. Good luck for your new place to live. Hugs to you both and much love.