February 10, 2008

All about Peas


spoonfuls #2

Peas are growing in a short, short season. Once they're flowering and bearing pods, we have to watch out to harvest them sooner before they turn to be really floury. We all love peas and we do love eating them freshly picked. My kids love them eaten picked from the pods but they won't want to eat those from the frozen package. I have no idea why, they just seem know what's best for them. In the short season like this, I am taking these pictures, simply to celebrate how pretty they are while they are still fresh, green, and new. I'd like to send these entries for Food + Photography event, hosted by Dayna.


Barbara said...

Brilliant Arfi.

linda said...

Very pretty pictures!

african vanielje said...

Fantastic photos Arfi

Coffee & Vanilla said...

Happy Valentines to you as well :)

Beautiful pictures by the way!


Y said...

Great picture. I tried growing sweetpeas recently, but they seem to hate me or something.

Arfi Binsted said...

barbara: thanks, b!

linda: thanks, linda!

Inge: thanks!!

Margot: thanks!

Y: thanks for dropping by. i think they're pretty easy to grow. they need rich soil for what i know grow best. good luck!