February 27, 2008

Going Tropo Tarts

Well, since Bordeaux announced what we have to do on HHDH#18, I didn't really have a good look on the recipe. I just had a glimpse and thought 'oh, I can do that'. Then, when I came back to Barbara's entry for the event, I was quite surprised. Coconut tart shells! Not that I dislike coconut, it's just the way how the recipes calls to make coconut tart shell. I just could not believe myself that the ingredients needed are just awesome threesome! YAY!

I am always in awed in how people make delicious food on instant mode. Like there's no matter for the time but the taste, in other words: more taste than time. My, coconut shell filled with chocolate cream, who can resist? I can't! I re-read the ingredients and thought that it should be baked meringue-like cases, but there's no beaten-until-stiff method. My experience with egg whites is if they are not cooked, they'll go soft and gooey. Especially, when making it and shaping it like a tart shell. I can guarantee, the middle of the tart will go soft which is baked for only 10 minutes at 180C. That is quick!

However, I am an eager learner, so then I shall try out what's the book tells. And I was right. I put the shells in the preheated oven, set 180C, in 5 minutes, the edge of the shells have gone dark brown. I thought that's not good. I have to turn the oven down to 120C and bake again for 25 minutes. This time, the brown colour on the edge are not getting darker, but the middle of the shell is going firmer. Then, there's the thing: when you bake tart shell, you should really use beans for blind bake and I have completely forgotten about this as it's not mentioned on the recipe! Should not rely on the recipe alone, I don't think, while you know what's going to happen. I have to press the middle of the coconut shell with the back of a teaspoon, just to flatten the bumpy centre. It's not so bad, though.

I still have thin ganache in the fridge and was suitable to fill in the cases (I only ended up with three cases, using Texas muffin tins). It wasn't long for me to wait until the filling get harden, maybe around 15 minutes, in the fridge. Then I made mascarpone with passionfruit, without adding any sugar and piled them on the half side of the tart. I should use strawberries or raspberies to create an 'eye-catching' effect, but I have not stored any of those berries in the fridge, nor in the garden. I just used what I have. I also have some shaved dark chocolate and scatter them on top and dredge the tart with icing sugar with a sprig of mint I could find in the garden.

Definitely, this is my entry for Hay Hay It's Donna Hay #18: Coconut Chocolate Tarts, hosted by Bordeaux of Marita Says.

I am also looking forward to participate on Livestrong Day (my last year entry is Pineapple Upside-Down Cake), and will still be looking forward for your entry on Cupcakes Spectacular 2008! Please remember, the deadline is in two weeks time!

I'm getting sooooooo excited!


Bordeaux said...

These tarts look and sound delightful! I love the idea of blending the passion fruit and chocolate in the tart. Yum! And the picture is lovely. Thanks for entering!

Suzana said...

Oh that sounds so good! I still have to come up with something for HHDD... though I have an idea already! Great entry!

Arfi Binsted said...

Bordeaux: Thanks! I just use what I have. Good luck hosting.

Suzanna: Would look forward to seeing yours! thanks for dropping by.

Andaliman said...

I was just writing on my MP about how happy I was that finally I got DH's book with very cheap price through amazon Canada. Finally, I enjoy seeing all those clean and minimalist pictures, but still beautiful.

Barbara said...

Fabulous Arfi.The shells were a little difficult but the taste was great. Thanks for joining HHDD..