March 15, 2008

Click: Metal

I am still rounding up the cupcakes from around the world and believe me, fellow bloggers' enthusiastic on displaying their best cupcakes are just giving FANTASTIC results on this event!! I am thanking you all. I'll post it as soon as I finish it, and as I say, I will let you all know!

This is my one of the knives I am using which are made from steel. It's quite heavy but size and weight does not matter to me. This little one has a slicing-hour higher than its peers.

And here's a rustic soup spoon which I found in my hubby's old drawer. I am glad I now am able to keep it (fancy using silver spoon for pottery?).

And which one I am going to send to Bee and Jai? Uhm... I think you'll find out in their gallery. Honestly, I don't know. Or, maybe this one below?

Oh, well...


LyB said...

Those are all so gorgeous, I'd have a hard time choosing too! I haven't come up with my entry yet, I should start thinking about it, huh? :)

Aran said...

your photos are stunning!!!

TBC said...

I like your entry. It is so simple and elegant.

Arfi Binsted said...

Aran and TBC, thanks for the compliment! :D