March 01, 2008

Going Mellow Yellow #2, Awards, and Meme

I was thinking about Barbara the other day and I know she must have been living a good life in Australia now, just like what she wants. I have known her since I first saw her covered on Taste Magazine, in October 2006, if I'm not mistaken. I wrote to her and told her that I thought I was the only foodie blogger from New Zealand and I was so glad I knew I was not the only one. Within the year, I was really thrilled to discover through her blog other fellow Kiwi bloggers Bron, Nigel, Emma, Paul, and Tim (he is probably retired by now, but we have newly discovered Kiwi bloggers, Gilli) and others.

One of the days when Barbara and husband and we were gathering, having lunch at our place, I discovered the truth about her. I was picking some butterbeans from the garden for Barbara and she was coming with me when John and Bryan went to the orchard. She then mentioned that she had to have a surgery again and told me how long the doctor has predicted her. My heart was sunk so fast, I had to hide the tears in my eyes by bending down and picking the butterbeans. I was hoping she didn't see them. I don't know if she did because she said 'well, I have had a good life, I don't mind...'

It's always heart-breaking to know that someone you care about is suffering from cancer. You probably have read my story which I wrote on Cooking to Combat Cancer hosted by Chris. I am pretty much healthy at present. I am cancer-free, as far as I know. Although, until today when I feel something sharp in my breasts, I would be really scared. I know I have to check myself up regulary. I am hoping you'll do it, too.

I admire Barbara's attitute towards cancer with positive thinking. I remember through our many conversations and emails she was hoping one day she'll be cancer-free. And, I am sure there are a lot of you who are suffering from cancer and I am praying for your strength, goodwill and well-being. Keep strong!

There are children in Indonesia are also in needs of help. Indonesian Childhood Cancer Foundation (Yayasan Onkologi Anak Indonesia) has been giving fund for 400 children suffered from cancer in Indonesia and there are approximately 5 children coming each week, hoping to be funded. These children need your help!

I am sending a Pineapple and Coconut Upside-Down Cake with Caramel Sauce as a contribution on A Taste of Yellow last year, and this year I am sending you a healthy mango yogurt smoothie.

On this very occasion, I'd also love to send my gratitute to Anne and Susan for granting me the Love Spreader and the Excellence Awards. Thank you so much.

And there's a meme. I said to Deeba that I am not good at meme. But now I am trying to discover the weirdest sides of me. A bit embarassing, really, but sometimes we should be honest about ourselves, shouldn't we?

  • I am obsessed with washing hands. Everytime I make meatballs, if I don't use gloves, I would wash my hands each time I've finished moulding the balls. You can imagine, if I make 100 balls, then I would wash 100 times. Gosh!

  • I eat toast with peanut butter and strawberry jam. Other times, I like to spread my toast with hazelnut chocolate spread and apricot jam. My mum-in-law thinks that's 'unusual'. I thought it's delicious!

  • If I can't go to sleep immediately, I would be moving my feet. My mother said that she would know that I have fallen asleep when my feet had stopped moving.

  • I wear perfume everywhere I go, even when I go gardening. Not that I don't like my own body smell, but I feel sexy whenever I wear it. This should not be weird, isn't it?

  • I don't watch TV a lot but I do love sitting in front of it one night a week, and having a good laugh watching Doc Martin. I watch Indonesian channels, though, to keep me in touch with the latest news, therefore, when my friends from back home are talking about one issue, I would have not gone blank at all.

  • I sometimes love shopping clothes, but everytime I go to a store or a town, I would find myself going to a bookstore or to a book section and would go back home with piles of cookbook and novels. Forget about clothing!

  • I don't wear make-ups. If you're lucky, you will see me wear lipstick or mascara. I just hate coloured powders on my eyes or cheeks.

Well, that's it, I think. Now, here's the healthy Mango Yogurt Smoothie. I am not sending the photo for the competition, though, as I purchased the different wristband. It is a wristband from Cancer Society, but not from LAF.

Mango Yogurt Smoothie

2 mangoes, 2 cups Greek yogurt, you can add honey if you want, but mangoes are quite sweet by themselves, I also add some chilled water to thin down the mixture

Peel and wash the mangoes and cut them up. Put them in the blender with the yogurt. Add honey if you prefer or topped with berries. Add water if it's desirable. Serves 4.


Andaliman said...

Can I have some for my breakfast tomorrow morning, please?

Kalyn said...

What a lovely post. I do hope you and Barbara both will be happy and healthy for many years to come.

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Thanks Arfi...glad you were so quick on the meme. I'm quite as wierd when I make meatballs or handle any uncooked meat. Love the yellow mango shake...can't wait for summer & mangoes to arrive. Until then, I shall keep the picture in my heart! Lol Deeba

Cakelaw said...

This smoothie looks delicious and healthy - great job Arfi.

So Simple said...

Arfi I am just rewriting my post for Livestrong day and was googling Daffodil Day in New Zealand and your blog was on the first page. I was about to catch up with what you are cooking and I was very moved to read your blog. Barbara is a great survivor and a very strong woman, her Cancer Awareness blog is very inspirational. Your Mango smoothie is an excellent entry… pretty photo as well. Loved reading the mad sides of you. Go girl!!!

Arfi Binsted said...

I thought I have replied on these, but it must be gone somewhere.

Pepy: as you wish hehehe

Kalyn: thank you. as i do hope for all of us.

Deeba: oh, what in season are you in Delhi?

Gaye: thanks, Gaye!!

Gilli: thank. see you next week!

Barbara said...

Arfi - you are so sweet. Thank you. I will always have very special memories of our day white baiting.
Thank you for entering A Taste of Yellow.

Chris said...

Oh - Mango! Yum! This looks wonderful for this event. Thanks for mentioned CCC. I have to get going to get it up for year two.