March 12, 2008

A Long Lazy Sunday

Once opening my eyes, my brain usually tells me to get up and make porridge. But... no, wait! It's Sunday and it's no need to get busy preparing early breakfast and schooling the children. And, that's an excuse to stay in bed longer, you see. Not for long, I can tell you. My kids already came to me, shook my arms and reminded me that we're going to make pancakes today. Well, yes, darlings. I have that on written on my timetable today, really.

I do think it's wise to start the day with a glass of water, that's what I do. It's just feeling so good to feel the water going down your throat, then your stomach. It's so cleansing and clear. Then, I would nibble fresh fruit while making porridge or pancakes. In Summer until Autumn, we are blessed to have good crops of stone-fruits, so I can stew them and freeze half of them for Winter joy. It's just great to taste Summer in Winter.

What we do on Sunday, a long breakfast, going right on till lunch. Started with a glass of water, followed with stewed peaches with plain thick yogurt, honey coconut granola, and we, adults, will finish the early stage of enjoying the morning with a cup of coffee. I still have leftover vegetables from dinner last night and I re-create them to be edible for our light lunch, bake them with grated cheese, flour, and seasoning. I will submit that for WHB this week.

Mansi is organizing Weekend Breakfast Blogging, a new event, as far as I know. It requires entries for healthy breakfast. I should have posted this on Monday (sorry about that, Mansi) but on that day I've just got an information that my blog in Indonesian is mentioned to be one of the most delicious blogs on U-Mag which was informed by my fellow Indonesian bloggers Budi Sutomo in Indonesia and Pepy in Canada, so that makes me busy thanking everyone. Then, there's an email from Melissa of Wikio (thank you, Melissa!) informing that HomeMadeS is on 41 top rank blogs! What a pleasant surprise!

I always think that I am not popular, honestly, looking at your other blogs with lots of comments (which I think people enjoy writing to you), mine is nothing to be compared with. Surprisingly, though, there's always a lot of people browsing through my blog when I am looking at the website statistic, or else... I think I should not rely on that, should I? Well, for me, personally, you're reading my writing is more than achieving a top rank. It is more personal, though when people give feedback, not just 'oh that's nice'. I know I am not really good at blog-walking, but when I do, I will give 100% insight, truly from what I gather is knowledgeable, what I 'feel' inside based on what I know. If you're blogging about wine, then I should be giving up because I have no idea what it tastes. I can't make it up, can I? I also am not good at organizing my time to enter every foodie event, as you know, I am home-schooling my kids and dividing my time for them, house, and farm (hubby?--oh well, him too). I hope you'll all understand. Anyway, I thank you all so much for being my fellow bloggers and special thanks for all the readers who enjoy reading my posts. I am nothing without you!!

Also, Cupcakes Spectacular 2008 is getting nearer to the deadline time, if you still are interested in sending me the entry, I'll be right here! I've got so many spectacular cupcakes from around the world, I do think you guys are taking so much time to decorate your beautiful cupcakes! Thanks so much! I can't wait to give you the round-up!

Stewed Peaches

Actually, we have different varieties of peaches, if you see they have different flesh and skin, that is. Anyway, I will include peach, any sort you like, you can get as your preferences. I love stewing peaches with cinnamon bark and cloves, but if you think the spices will eliminate the aroma of the peaches, I am sure they won't. Actually, they help flavouring up to a certain degree. Great for freezing to be eaten later in Winter when peaches are hard to get! We eat the peaches with Greek plain and thick yogurt.

20 peaches (leave them whole or halve them, your choice),
caster sugar (or brown sugar),
1 cinnamon bark,
2 cloves,
2 oranges (peel and squeeze out the juice),
1 cup water

Wash and scrub the peaches. Set aside. Put the water, sugar, cinnamon bark, cloves, orange peel and juice in a large saucepan. Cook them until boiling. Add in the peaches. Simmer on a very low heat. Cover and let cook until the fruits are just soft. Makes three bottles.

Honey Coconut Granola

2 cups rolled-oats,
2 cups desiccated coconut,
½ cup honey,
½ cup rice bran oil,
½ cup pumpkin seeds

Preheat the oven 150C fanbake. Heat the honey and oil in a small saucepan until bubbly. Turn off the heat and pour this mixture into the dry ingredients. Mix well. Spread them on to an oven tin. Bake for 10 minutes or until they are golden brown. Don't forget to keep watching out and stirring to make sure they are well-browned and not burnt! Remove from the oven and let cool for a while before you separate them to avoid sticking forever! Enjoy! The remaining of the granola can be stored in an airtight container, and mine can't be kept for a week as we often eat them, but I am sure if you can keep them, it will keep until one week.


Mansi Desai said...

Arfi! that's a really balanced breakfast indeed! but where are the pancakes??:)

congrats on all the site activity going on girl, and thanks so much for making this esp for my event!:) I'm still trying to see if I can manage to make a spectacular cupcake, though I have to tell you I'm really fad at frosting!!:D hehee

Barbara said...

LOvely Arfi
Congrats on the ranking.

katiez said...

They kind of look like my peaches - which are smaller than the 'normal' ones, but very tasty. You are so ambitious making a big breakfast. Coffee and chocolate are fine for me... Oops, I meant pain au chocolat (forgot the bread part...)

Cakelaw said...

I'm coming to your place for breakfast Arfi - this looks great!

Lorraine E said...

I love your photography and styling-I feel like I've opened a fabulous food magazine! Superb! :)

Cakespy said...

Congratulations on your new status--and please pass those gorgeous stewed peaches!! Yum!

LyB said...

I love the idea of stewed peaches. The spices sound like they would really compliment the peaches. Everything looks wonderful!