March 24, 2008

We're Six!

It's another 23 March and it's time to celebrate the countless happiness we've been having throughout our marriage life. With two little darlings, life is getting so much warmer, meaningful and wonderful. The house can be messy but the joy is lingered. Although the little celebration dinner was only attended by mum, it was always nice to cook something special. I made spiced chicken breasts, gado-gado, egg sambal, hot and fluffy jasmine rice with the chocolate swirl meringue and peach stew as dessert. I also made passionfruit sponge cake filled and topped with passionfruit cream. Simple dish, really.

better than sex chocolate cup

Another thing to notice is that the better than sex chocolate cupcakes. I meant to make this cupcake when Stef sent us her entry for Cupcakes Spectacular 2008. And yes, I did! I did the same what she instructed, but I stuffed the cupcakes with halved Lindt 60% Lindor chocolate balls. With dark chocolate ganache and drizzle of white chocolate on top, who can resist this heavenly tempation? Although I have to eat half of them at each serving (it's rich, you see!), it tastes sexy. Perhaps the flavour of the chocolate, both powder and blocks, is quite intense that makes this cupcake special.

6 years and one day today. We went down to the Te Kohanga to go canoing with our close friends, Ralph and Sue Dwen. I brought the cupcakes and sponge cake for afternoon tea together with bits of anything else. The cloud was hanging heavily up in the sky, no trace of rain although it was spitting a bit towards the end of the journey. The wind was still. It was just perfect for canoeing. (You can view more of the photos at HomeMadeS on Flickr, if you wish).

So off, we go!

The clouds reflection on the water creates illusion that it seems we're rowing in a bunch of clouds. It is so peaceful looking at the river up-close and personal. It is also nice to get out of the mundane tasks and do adventurous outing like this. The children are even singing the 'row row row your boat' song. They seem pretty happy and are so sure with the security in the water. I am so glad they love outdoor activities.

a family outing

This is why I love outdoors! There are always opportunities, larger than life, to enjoy the great moments through the viewfinder. For some people, it's a bit annoying, but for me, it's an excitement. Perhaps, the similar excitement when you're enjoying the cupcakes.


straight to heaven

And this! How do you like to row in a bunch of clouds!


mae said...

Congrats ! Smoga pernikahannya langgeng dan bahagia selalu...

Stef said...

I'm so honored that you made the cupcakes! Great idea to use the chocolate ball inside! Happy anniversary!

Stef said...

I'm so honored that you made the cupcakes! Great idea to use the chocolate ball inside! Happy anniversary!

Aran said...

Beautiful photos Arfi!

Arfi Binsted said...

mae: thanks!

stef: the cupcakes taste delicious! i'd like to convert it to couverture, like making brownies. uhmm... a thought. thanks to you, the idea is great!

aran: thanks!

Cakelaw said...

Congratulations and happy anniversary Arfi.