April 10, 2008

Cooking to Combat Cancer #2: Gado-Gado and Blueberry Yogurt

My concern for cancer kids in Indonesia is going within this event. I thought I can organize an event to help the Indonesian Care for Cancer Kids Foundation people by organizing a charity program, but I have to re-think and re-organize the plan. Perhaps, there's the need of Plan B because Plan A is way impossible. Perhaps, it's not the program that I, alone, can do because I don't have the power to do so. However, I know there's always a way to help. I am preparing the Plan B and I will be very grateful if you can kindly help me to help these children.

This brochure is courtesy from YKAKI

The increasing numbers of cancer children in Indonesia is an impact for a burst development in large cities, cheap labours, with ironically, joint by expensive food to afford where poor people are still suffered from bad nutrition intakes. This massive development which what political leaders say 'going to the better justice and democracy' is leading to prosperity to many low-economic families and you will expect there are many poors living in the dark spots of the cities, especially Jakarta. I am not sure if the policy for better democracy can be a concern of the justice for looking after the poors. The riches can go richer, the poors will still stay the same. Perhaps, getting dropped dead day by day.

The suffocated price for food can be a critical choice for poor families to purchase, let alone to ever think of. Rice, the staple food in Indonesia has been going higher, which is now followed by the lacking stock of oil. How could we not be expecting malnutrition children from this? Poor families are just enough to think what they can eat now, and will look some more for tomorrow, without enough help to fund themselves to eat good food. Let alone, to feed the children. They might not think about good food. How might they if they can't even purchase rice?

Children, whatever poor they are, are going to be the future of the nation. If the country cannot fund them to give proper food, then who else?

These thoughts have been haunting me for days, weeks... months now. I want to help these children. I really do. By entering Cooking to Combat Cancer, I am spreading the words on hoping you would be generously joining me to help the cancer kids in Indonesia. I will let you know if my Plan B is ready, when the Cooking to Combat Cancer #2 and A Taste of Yellow for LiveStrong Day have finished. Please, stay with me.

Back to eating healthy, for this event, I am making Indonesian gado-gado which cabbage and carrots are only some of the ingredients listed to be the prevention food of cancer and have the goodness to protect colon and rectum. I also make Yogurt and Blueberry Semifreddo as the dessert which both have good impacts on healthy life.

I dedicate this entry for my friends at YKAKI (Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker Indonesia/Indonesian Care for Cancer Kids Foundation) who have been working so hard to help the cancer kids in Indonesia. You are all the most wonderful people!

To my dear friends Chris and Barbara: Stay Strong!

Indonesian Gado-Gado

It's common in Indonesia to include as many vegetables as possible to make large portions in the family. The peanut sauce is always flavoured with kencur, the key ingredient for exotic flavour. However, I haven't found it in any forms in New Zealand, so I just use my usual way to make peanut sauce.


cabbage, carrots, mung bean sprouts, beans (if you can find snake beans, that will be great! And add more vegetables like spinach, ong choy, bok choy, whatever you wish and can)


hard-boiled eggs,
steamed potatoes, if desired,
fried tofu, if desired

Peanut sauce

To make it darker, I use kecap manis (sweet soy sauce).

1 cup crunchy peanut sauce,
1 Tbs hot chilli sauce,
1-2 blocks palm sugar (use brown sugar to substitute),
1 tsp shrimp paste, optional,
3 cloves garlic, minced,
1 tsp ground cumin,
1 tsp tamarind paste diluted with ¼ cup warm water, discard the pulps,
1 Tbs coconut milk,
water to thin the sauce,
salt to taste

Heat a saucepan. Add 1 Tbs oil. Cook the garlic, cumin and shrimp paste until fragrant. Add in the peanut butter, stir well. Pour in the tamarind water, coconut milk. Stir well. Pour in enough water to thin the sauce. Cook until bubbly. The sauce will be thick. Serves sprinkled with fried shallots.

Yogurt and Blueberries Semifreddo

Perhaps, the term semifreddo does not really match the ingredients because I only use yogurt, instead of cream. However, I may 'borrow' the term, don't you think? I serve this semifreddo after gado-gado, it feels cleansing the mouth. I add spoonful of rhubarb sauce and halved passionfruits. My children love them!

1 litre plain yogurt,
2-4 Tbs honey (less or more, depending on your taste),
juice from one lemon,
2 Tbs water,
1 punnet bluberries

Heat the water, honey and lemon juice in a saucepan. Let cool at room temperature. Once cooled, whip into the yogurt. Fold in blueberries carefully. Pour into a square tin lined with plastic wrap. Freeze until required.

My contribution for Cooking to Combat Cancer #1 was Ong Choy Salad.


Indonesia-Eats said...

mbak, as I know gado-gado is not always flavoured by kencur, but pecel is.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Wow, this looks mouthwatering, Arfi! Your photos are stunning.

Chris said...

Arfi, Thanks for supporting this event 2 years in row! I love that you "borrowed" semifreddo. Yogurt, cream, all yum! This will be perfect for the round up.

Deborah said...

What a great cause - and some great dishes!

Bruno said...

Looks like it was a delicious meal Arfi! I hope the entire world will be cancer-free someday!!

Arfi Binsted said...

Pepy: well, I do like to use kencur as the key flavour in gado-gado as well. However, one can use it as an option.

Chris: My pleasure.

Deborah: Thank you for dropping by and spending time to write.

Bruno: I do hope so.

Kevin said...

The salad with peanut sauce sounds nice and fresh and tasty.

Barbara said...

Lovely Arfi. I remember how much I enjoyed your Gado Gado.

Arfi Binsted said...

Kevin: It's kind of 'heavy' for some people whose stomach is not really friendly with peanuts, that is why I always make cool dessert with yogurt afterwards, to cleansing. thank you for dropping by, Kevin.

Barbara: I missed it, Barb! Next party will be mine, yours and Sarah's!

Meeta said...

Absolutely brilliant arfi. I love the dessert and the pics are gorgeous. All your recipes for this great cause sound lovely.

Arfi Binsted said...

Meeta: hey, long time no see! Great to hear from you. And thanks for the compliment hehehe

Kedai Rachmah said...

Nice presentation buat gado-gadonya mbak Arfi..keren spt biasanya..