May 15, 2008

Books for Love: Kiwi Blokes Prepare Meals

on the way to hamilton

We were going through other countrysides on the way to Hamilton. As far as we went, there were no people, but sheep, cattle, horses and goats on landscaping pastures with rolling hills spreading since we left our place until we reached Hamilton.

leeks in pukekawa hill

I just love New Zealand. I love its green pastures, the panoramic landscapes, the country people, and some of the food. The more rural the area, the tranquility it may be found. It's so peaceful, although sometimes its quietness makes me long for companies, like I can find easily around me back home.

Anyway, I have come to love a Kiwi bloke. He's my special handy man who does not like to be in the kitchen longer than to prepare a cup of coffee. Yes, I am the only cook with my little sous chefs, sometimes, but my dear husband is good at brewing coffee and he usually is the one who serves guests after-dinner coffee (with me, of course, with plates of sweets). The good thing is that he always, always appreciates what I do in the kitchen. He gives me time to be 'myself with my creations' in the kitchen and he's the one who always cheers up with the kids when food is served, either at lunch or dinner time. No wonder my kids love food. Their daddy encourages them so.

There are many Kiwi blokes (read: New Zealand men) who can prepare good food with charm, like Richard Till. I love, love, love his show. I can't miss a single one! I love his profile, his wit and his character. Just like the lady in the bookshop said 'a character'. With 143 pages, published in 2008 (I know it's brand new!) by Renaissance Publishing with title "Kiwi Kitchen with Richard Till". The book is absolutely 100% Kiwi. Now, if you say you like to get to know New Zealand and to taste it, this book is for you! It worths NZD 29.99.

There are also restaurateurs Steve Logan and Al Brown who are traveling around New Zealand to taste the wild side of Kiwi country. They make a success and award-winning television series, Hunger for the Wild, which I didn't follow (not sure why exactly). The book is all about their journey on many places nationwide (yes, you can expect fabulous sceneries throughout the country pictured in this book) to taste "New Zealand's finest, freshest and tastiest food". I found some interesting journeys and food in here. The special thing about this book is that it offers you the homey feeling, the sense of belonging, the warmth of the people, and the greatest Kiwi taste. I wish I were recruited to go around New Zealand. Reading their book is one way or another. It title is Hunger for The Wild, first printed in 2007 and this is the second print, 2008, published by Random House New Zealand. It worths NZD 34.99.

These books are brand new and if you are the winner of the auction, you will notice there's a price tag on the right corner of the book I've tried to pluck of but no luck. Some of the sticky part is still there. Over all, the books are very, very pristine :)

For Books for Love event, I am contributing these two books for you to fetch and bid. I will start the bid with NZD 30.00, and if you keen, you can use buy now price for NZD 100.00. The auction will finish at anytime in 22 May 2008. You may leave your price on the reply box. Thank you!

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Happy Bidding!

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