May 12, 2008

Books for Love

Indonesian version, please visit FoodnGarden journal: Menggalang Dana: Books for Love, Untuk Anak-Anak Penderita Kanker di Indonesia.

I have mentioned on Cooking to Combat Cancer#2 post last time that I have been having thoughts on helping cancer kids in Indonesia, to raise fund for them. I have been talking to the people of Indonesian Care of Cancer Kids Foundation (Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker Indonesia-YKAKI) and the information that I gathered is that there are at least 400 children they've been helping to fund and there are at least 2-4 children come to their door for treatment.

The increasing numbers of Indonesian children suffer from cancer these days are notably the responsibility of lacking information and education of good food, malnutrition, and poverty. These children who come to YKAKI are coming from low-income families that cannot afford the treatments a cancer kid should receive, let alone funding themselves a fee to see a doctor.

The YKAKI is founded by parents who once had cancer kids in the family, whom received treatments until they're recovered in Netherlands. Now, they've gone back to Indonesia to help the children from poor families and to raise funds for them through many fund-raising events back home. As a mother who has had a breast tumor when she was young, I am called to help these children to get better treatments that hopefully will lead them to a healthy state in the future, as well as to educate parents and other social organizations to provide information and education of healthy living and of providing good food.

I am announcing Books for Love, an event to raise funds for the Indonesian cancer children.

First of all, this is about trusting me as the organizer that, in this case, the money you sent me when you win the bids will be sent to the YKAKI once the auction has finished. I will keep the amount of money we've raised posted as soon as Book for Love has done its last moment. I am honestly wanting to help these children and I do need your help, please, to help this event really happens, and most of all, to help the cancer children get better treatments.

The rules are simple. You can be,

A donator

you have a book or books to donate which you believe is/are in prime conditions, does/do not contain any sexual content or nudity images, and you're willing to send this/those book/books to the bidder/bidders who wins/wins the bidding on your own expense.

You can also put a bid on books other donators might organize in another auction.

The type of books are preferably cookbooks, autobiography chefs, restaurateurs, or cooks, food and travel, travel (while you're promoting tourism of your own country), healthy diets, or food photography guides.

Once you've chosen your book/books, you may post about it with a review of the book/books (including author, issued year, pages) on your blog and then send me your name, your location, your post link, and a photo attachment 150pxl width for rounding-up at arfi.binstedATgmailDOTcom.

You can donate several books in different auction, if you like.

You may start your own price with your own currency, and let your readers do the bid. It should be fun and worthy for everyone.

Your auction time is a week from the day you start blogging.

The winning bidder should be announced and noticed, and will proceed with the payment to the bank account I will advise in an email, therefore, I should also be noticed once the winner has been announced (will appreciate that!).

A bidder

you are willing to help to raise fund for the cancer kids and trust yourself that you can afford certain bid if you win and pay the right amount of the final price the auction you've agreed to bid.

You will give me and the donator your exact name, email address, and location (PO BOX is accepted), therefore, the payment and delivery of your book/books can be done nicely.

I need you to be honest, too.

You will be noticed the bank account number once you win the bidding.

The event dates:

12 May 2008-12 July 2008

The auction is organized within these days, approaching the Indonesian Children National Day, with the hope that more children can be funded and received better treatments, so they still can smile to celebrate their special day in a year.

I will keep the auction links on my blog posted so other bloggers and readers will know where can go to view and to bid on books they're interested in.

In the end of the auction days, I will do the round-up together with the amount of money we've raised and will let you know the day I transfer the fund to the YKAKI person, therefore, she/he should give us a notice if they have received it. I will keep you posted.

Please, feel free to use the logo above and spread the words of this event to your readers or to other parties who might be interested in donating with giving credits to this event link and the YKAKI website link.

Shall be there any questions about the above event, please feel free to email me.

I am thanking you so much, on the behalf of YKAKI and cancer kids, to whatever you decide to do to help me with this fund-raising. Bless you!


Arundathi said...

Hi - this is my first time at your blog and I love it! The auction is a great idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Divya Vikram said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving ur comment..first time in ur blog..and u have many cute photos here..

katiez said...

I have one book sitting right here to donate... Let me look a bit and get organized! Wonderful project!

Cakelaw said...

Great project Arfi - I would love to participate, and will see what I can come up with.

Arfi Binsted said...

arundathi: thank you. i hope you'll participate :)

divya: thanks!!

katie: thank you, katie. your effort is appreciated. much!!

gaye: i'm so glad, gaye! thank you so much!

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

You've got me thinking Arfi...lemme see what I can do from here. BTW, youve been tagged for your top 10 photographs; there's also an award waiting for you sweetie! Lov Deeba

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Am I too late AB...or can i still send a book? Next time how about regional art?

Arfi Binsted said...

deeba, you still can participate until 12 July. so far, books are the most safer item to be sent overseas. art products made from woods, skin or sea shells will be a problem in some countries. they can be listed under declared items. new zealand and australia posts are very strict about sending things like that in.

Cakelaw said...

Hi Arfi, I have my book - do I have to have people bid for it through my comments, or is there an auction page I can put it on?

reyt said...

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