May 17, 2008

Putting Up: Fruit Delights

What can I say? You Say Tomahto, I Say Tomato... Different hemisphere, different seasons. You're heading toward Summer, we're beginning feeling the chill toward Winter. The Summer has finished with arrays of preserved fruits and vegetables, as the note of work we've done previously. Although now it is finished, I still have piles and piles of our fruitful labour that we still can enjoy until today.

Rosie of Rosie Bakes A Piece of Cake and Pixie of You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato are currently organizing Putting Up, the denotation of the Summer leftover, and perhaps it's merely the celebration in the pinnacle of colourful berries and delicious stone-fruits season which are stored in jars to be enjoyed in the next coming seasons. Summer can't be really lingered too long, I don't think.

black dorris-billington

In Summer, I usually keep jars of stewed stone-fruits and jams. I did make several more plum cheese this year but didn't do the same to apples as we had had bad crops.

Here is my entry for Putting Up event, hosted by Rosie and Pixie.

Black Dorris Plum Stew

black dorris stew

2kg Black Dorris
sugar (about 2 cups or more, depending on how sweet/tart they are. I tend to use small amount of sugar first and I can always add more if it's required)
1 vanilla bean, split and scrapped
1 cup water

Put everything in the saucepan. Let boil, then simmer until the plums are cooked. This stew is great with either yogurt or ice cream. If I make in large batch, I used to seal them in freezer bags for later use (usually, can't be kept too long, because we all love eat them as a dessert in long Summer evenings).


Pixie said...

A fabulous entry for the event; thank you so much for taking part. Wish I could say it's feeling summery here atm as it looks like there's a storm heading our way!

Rosie said...

WOW oh wow a great entry with your Black Dorris Plum Stew Mmmmmm...

Many thanks for taking part :)

Rosie x

Michelle said...

I love stewed plums and stewed prunes and haven't had either of them in a long time. Thanks for the reminder!

Dee said...

Really lovely. I especially like that it's not too intimidating for me to attempt :)