June 16, 2008

Mixing the Greens to Crunchy!

While I am warming up updating my blog, I am so thrilled to find an email from Meeta of What's for Lunch, Honey? that I won Bulbul's cookbook on Bollywood Cooking event which I submitted Bombay Lamb Curry and Rice Kheer. I am surprised to be the winner because I am new to Indian cooking and was daring myself to cook Indian food and photographed it. There were a lot of good photos on the occasion as well, I've never thought I would win. So, thank you Meeta, thank you, Bulbul! Look forward to be using the book soon.

We've just finished painting for the school project and here I am, listening to the rain and updating this blog. I've been enjoying photography so much and am too lazy to write a recipe. My back is still sore after digging that many vegetable beds in the garden, pruning the roses, pulling the weeds out, chasing the peacocks away, and all the house chores, to be an excuse away from the computer for a while.

naughty peacock

Furthermore, I have been missing my mother and am heavily am homesick that is disturbing my well-being. It is not fun, really, being away from the family you love so much, but I have to kick myself off and stop being melancholic. Talking to my mother over the phone is quite therapeutics that is kicking away the pain on my back and the ache in my heart. I am ready for working again!

I am sending this plate of salad for Ilva on the occasion of HotM this month.

greens and apple2

Mixed Green Leaves with Shaved Beetroots, Apples, Walnut and Blue Cheese

This is the kind of salad we love to eat. All the crunchiness of mixed greens, the vibrant colour of beetroot, the nutty of walnut and earthy taste of blue cheese makes a great side dish for traditional roast chicken. I use dijon mustard for the dressing, however, you can always match it with your favourite dressing. I like adding apples, nashi, or other crunchy fruits to the salad. My youngest daughter eats the whole content of salad but my oldest son just tends to love nibbling on fruits, and I do find adding fruits in salad will make everyone happy.

3 cups mixed green leaves (raddichio, mizuna, rocket, baby spinach, all your favourite mix)
2 apples, thinly sliced
1 beetroot, shaved
1/2 cup walnut halves, crumbled
100g blue cheese, crumbled, optional

Mix all ingredients. Drizzle with the dressing. Makes 4.

greens white bg2


I am not really good at measuring. It's just the matter of the balance. I'd like to taste the whole lot first before I add salt and pepper. Sometimes I just don't use salt at all, especially when using blue cheese, I tend to use more pepper.

hazelnut oil
olive oil
lemon juice (use wine vinegar or cider if you'd like)
dijon mustard
salt and pepper to taste

Put them in a screwed jar and shake well before drizzling on to your salad.


Ilva said...

Thanks Arfi, it's perfect and it looks lovely! The badge is right too! And I know how sad it is to miss one's mother but you know, they are always next to us somehow!

Barbara said...

Congratulations Arfi. Well done. I'm sorry to hear you are missing your mother. You need a trip a to visit her.

Arfi Binsted said...

Ilva: I was so relief when I heard her voice on the phone. I know it would not be the same as you do face to face, however, this helps to heal at some stage :) thank you!

Barbara: I am feeling alright at the moment. Perhaps one day we'll go back visiting her again, when the time is right :) thanks, Barb!

Happy cook said...
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Happy cook said...

I saw in meetas place than you won and checked the malb and the kheer it looks so delicious.
Love the salde too, never had salade with fruits , should give it a try
I know what you mean by missing mom, there are times when i miss mine also that it the worst thing of living so far from your loved ones.

henny said...

Hi Arfi,
I just walked blogging and found your site here! Interesting blog..
I think it's cool for food lover and a "homemade" chef like me. haha..

Peter G said...

Great salad and you have all the textures working well together. I do something similar with dried cranberries...like you said, whatever works for the individual. Hope you're well (I'm on a bit of a break at the moment...but, watch this space!)

Coffee & Vanilla said...

I love the salad and even more the pictures!! :)

Big Boys Oven said...

this is so refreshing, something that I will indulge into!

Simplicity said...

mbak arf congrats ya

Arfi Binsted said...

happy: thank you :) i am okay now. i've talked to her over the phone and felt so relief that she was missing me too. it's been two years since the last time i saw her.

henny: hehehe i am no chef, just a cook :)

peter: hiya, mate!! thanks, i am okay. hope you're too. thanks for watching me hehehe

margot: thank you!

Big Boys: it's pretty easy too!

simplicity: makasih :)

Cakelaw said...

This salad loooks and sounds absolutely fab. I have never been one to love my greens, but I could be easily tempted with a salad of this variety.

Penny said...

I am making this one this week :) I presume you pre-cook the beetroot?

Thip said...

Such a wonderful salad, Arfi.

Sabine said...

this is a wonderful recipe, i am sure.
but can you tell me: did you boil the beetroot and if yes, how long?