July 17, 2008

Click: Coffee & Tea

When I am writing this, the day has become gray again. It is drizzling and chilly. The fire is lit and hot food is prepared. It is really the opposite two beautiful days we've had the previous days. We even enjoyed morning tea outside and I could take a snapshot. The sun was glaring and I took it greedily to take photos for Coffee and Tea theme of Click Photo Event this month, created and hosted by Bee and Jai of Jugalbandi.


Started with breakfast with coffee and Danish pastry (yes, I made them again!). I made this special for my love and I thought it was just another expression that I'm devoted. The message is well-received.

I managed to work in the garden and made a new strawberry patch. The old one was very crowded with the mature clumps and needed to be trimmed. I chose the spot on the top of the old patch, because when these new plants are growing their vines, they are allowed to spill them down. I have step-by-step photos, but I think I will post them under a gardening theme.

get them in

morning tea2

Morning tea was glorious when we could celebrate the day with its beautiful and warm light. We set the table outside and have our morning tea while watching the children looking after our 'adopted' newborn lamb. Poor little thing.

I like drinking tea, mostly green tea, although I love Twining Earl Grey. I love the bergamot fragrance in each bag. It is so relaxing.

The first photo is my entry for Coffee and Tea, Click Photo Event this month.



Peter G said...

I LOVE your stories about life on the farm. The coffee and tea shots are perfect Arfi..I'll have an espresso thanks!

Cakelaw said...

Coffe and a Danish - mmm, mmm. I am coming to your place for morning tea.

the AIRY FAIRY said...

beautiful photos, arfi...i love the morning tea outside...it just looks so blissful...such a wonderful way to start the day :)

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Stunning pictures Arfi...I love your choice for click...Winner!! I'll have coffee too please & with a nibble of Danish, would be pure delight.

Suganya said...

Simply superb!

Arfi Binsted said...

P: Some people may think that the stories are quite boring... you know, life at the farm with imaginations of straws, donkey, horses, and flies hehehe... thanks, P! I'll have the espresso ready for you.

Gaye: please, make yourself at home :)

Sinead: when it's winter time and we're lacking the sunshine, it is such a treasure time being outside and enjoying the warm light. Yes, it is blissful!

Deeba: thanks, my dear friend. Photos can be subjective, people have preferences :) however, my intention is to get all my senses going which hopefully get yours too :) I'll make double espresso for you hehehe...

Suganya: thanks :)

bee said...

you rock, arfi.

vegeyum said...

Such beautiful photos for click! They are wonderfully composed. They made me want to go out for coffee.

Mable said...

What beautiful photos. So natural. :)

Arfi Binsted said...

bee: you do too :)

vegeyum: hehehe brew your own? full satisfaction, i suppose :)

mable: thank you. such a compliment :)

Pearlsofeast said...

Congratulation Arfi on winning. It was a fantastic click.