July 20, 2008

Meringues and Gorgie Porgie Story

gorgie porgie

It's been 5 days now we're having Gorgie Porgie, that's what we named him, under our care. He was very weak after being born and could not suckle very well. We brought him back to our home and fed him regularly. Unfortunately, he's getting weaker and weaker within hours. He flopped down and could not go back up anymore. Since that very day, we're still feeding him and giving him a hand to try to lift himself up. The second till the fourth day, he could barely move his head up. We almost believe that he's going to die the next morning. Surprisingly enough, he's still alive. And this morning, he could cry 'baa baa' when I called his name, he could blink and put his head up. He could even flap his own ears. I think that was a progress, although he's still quite weak, I am hoping he'll be coping better than before. When he can stand up by himself, that is miracle!

The other day, more twins were prematurely born. One is survived until today but the other one had to be brought home as well. She looked alright after several feeds. She could stand up and had a walk outside. She was able to follow me around and her voice was quite loud. Unfortunately, this morning the children found her laying down without breathing. Oh, I was so sad I had to call her name several times to hope she would return my call. My expectation was then too high. I just could not believe she had to die! Folks, this is the time of the year we're keeping or losing lambs. Even we have to accept the fact that we're losing one of our ewes which was bearing her lambs, died, could not deliver and she herself had to suffer from the labour and died with her lambs. I know, this is a sad story, but this happens at the farm. Just time of the year, time of the year.

Michelle of Greedy Gourmet is running the SnackShot #5 themed Meringues this month. I am sending these for the event. These are button meringues I named them as they are quite petite. I made them for my beloved as a treat. I made about 40 buttons of these mini meringues and he just finished them all within a day! He loved being a sweet tooth, I suppose.


About photography, many of you are questioning whether I am a student of photography and I must disappoint you with the answer: NO. I am a self-taught person, and I learn from good photos. I learn techniques from my camera manuals as well as lots of articles over the internet and I seek advice from professional photographers. I also make a lot of experiments on different things which are suitable for food photography. I would say that practice makes perfect, but in my case, practice makes good photos.

There are things that can be achieved without school or courses, like you're decorating your own cake without going to epicurean courses or alike. These things can be learned through trials and errors, therefore, you're getting to know more what's good to your vision and what's not. Sure, people have preferences but you have a firm imagination to deliver to your audience that this is my taste, this is my style, and stay with it. You can always adopt someone's style, but it won't be satisfying because you can feel that it is not you, it is not your style. In food photography, there is style, too.

Some people prefer to work with advanced techniques but lacking of suitable elements of food photography, like the choice of properties, suitable lighting, background, and so forth. People like me tend to stick with our own style: be natural and make the food looks appetizing. I think that's the purpose of a food photography and food styling. Good properties will support the whole package of food presentation look good. It does not always need to be stylish or expensive, you can find some things in your cupboard what you can match the food with.

tapioca pudding #3

With properties, I am mostly using crockery which I could find at home. I am lucky because my beloved used to be a potter and made lots of different pots, mugs, plates, bowls or anything that look natural which suit my taste. I use them and search even more in the old shed. Sometimes, I'd like to buy napkins for different colour setting or linen for the background. But if you're clever, you can use your bedding sheets as the background. You can also use scrap-booking papers which are colourful for the background. These are quite cheap and these can be easily found at your cupboard. On the photo of tapioca pudding above, I am using a pink bedding sheet as the background. Can you see that it is?

exp4 french macarons
plum chocolate slice coffee macarons2

Have a look at the crockery above. They are the same and I've used them quite often because they are handy and they are there in my crockery cupboard. I like the dark navy colour of them which is quite suitable for coffee or as the side element of food photography. The dark colour of the set can make good background for pale or brighter colour of the food as the main focus. So, make the most of your crockery and capture great photos out of it.

Happy Photography-ing!


Peter G said...

More farm stories!...sorry to hear about the lambs...I suppose these things hapen living on a farm. The meringues certainly look dreamy and quite tasty. I like what you had to say about food photography (half of my backdrops are old sheets!...LOL...shhh...don't tell anyone!). Its true about developing our own style and I think your style is very natural, bright and dreamy in general. Its great learning off one another as we continue with these passions...(wait till you see what I have been experimenting with!)...Cheers Arfi.

KJ said...

awwww, best wishes to cute little georgie porgy. I hope he pulls through.

you are a seriously talented photographer. your photos are gorgeous.

Joseph said...
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Jescel said...

oh, i hope georgie will feel better soon. the lamb stories are sad.. but that's life, right? you win some, you lose some.
You've a very good eye for photography, arfi. yes, you can develop and learn the skill, but you gotta have an eye for it too, which is an innate thing that cannot be developed. I'm glad you're putting your talent to good use! :oD

katiez said...

You are so talented, Arfi! Gorgeous photos, (and darling lamb)
I think I would be too softhearted to do what you do... although, I suppose one learns. Still...

So Simple said...

Arfi Just been reading through your last few blogs. Your photography is lovely and you should be proud. I just tend to snap as I go and it shows. Hope the lamb has survived. We went to Hamilton last week, and saw the first of the new lambs in the paddocks as we drove past. Such a cute sight, these little babies gambolling around.

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Hey AB..thanks for sharing tips on photography which I've lapped up. Well-written indeed. sad about the lambs & ewe, but true. My houslehold help also keeps goats, & he wins some & loses some....an ongoing process. I have a cute pic of the kids when they were small with some cute little goat kids. You brought back those memories. Have a great day...smile!!

bee said...

awwww... what a beautiful animal. theya re lucky to have you to care for them. it's heartbreaking when one of them doesn't make i.

Y said...

That lamb is so gorgeous! I love your photography style, Arfi. Thanks for sharing your tips :)

Arfi Binsted said...

Peter: hehehe... I think it is one of the purposes why we are still posting our photos, to learn off one another, of course! Thanks, P, you're one of those who appreciate my works as I do yours :) Cheers!

KJ: unfortunately, the lambs did not survive. Gorgie had died the night I posted this post. *sigh* Thanks for the compliment on my works :) Appreciate it so much.

Jescel and Joseph: thank you :) I am making sure it goes to the right path hehehe

Katie: When the first time we had a flock of sheep and the first time lambing season, I cried a lot to see the lambs died or the ewes suffered during labour. I even cried when I heard people shooting possums or ducks... Now, I am much better in taking those in hehehe... I suppose this is just one way to what so called adjustment?

Gilli: As you know, I am just using the talent as I am going along the way. Not push myself out too much, I know my limit hehehe... But yeah, I'm glad I've learned the thing that makes me feel good. Just like you and your cake decorating class. How's it going?

Deeba: children and farm animals... adorable!

Bee: yes, it is heartbreaking. I often cry, but what to do?

Y: thanks, Y! I think we're learning from one another :)

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

You have a nice blog and beautiful pictures to share.

My Sweet & Saucy said...

Love these photos!

Kristen said...

Stay strong, Georgie!

What a lovely entry!

galleryfang said...

Faboulous blog :)