July 15, 2008

Taste & Create XII: A Home-Made Danish Pastry

the envelope

I have Abby of Eat the Right Stuff as my pair of Taste and Create this month. She has a good blog with various skills of baking performance. Recently she did a great job on danish pastry as a part of Daring Bakers assignment. I am not a member of Daring Bakers but I absolutely like to challenge myself with this puff pastry. It is my first attempt to make this feather-light pastry, and it is a rather time-consuming work but it is much worth the effort. It is not so difficult as I imagined once I started working on it.

with nutella

This is my entry for Taste and Create XII, created and hosted by Nicole of For the Love of Food.

home-made danish pastry collage

The interesting part of making this pastry is the process after chilling the mixed dough to roll and spread with the butter mixture before it is then folded into thirds to chill in the fridge. I could work on some things else in between the chilling of each time. In the end of the roll, fold, and chill process, I could not wait for 5 hours and was desperately wanting to know the results, furthermore, the day was getting shorter and I also needed to make dinner.


I decided to end the chilling time in the end of three hours while I am doing the cooking and using the oven all the same. I browsed some images of how to fold danish pastry for individual servings and I found this fan-shaped pastry that Rhid of Rhid-Baked had made. I followed the instructions and thought that it turned out like that. Unfortunately, the shape does not turn out like I expected them to be. The flaps are all open which is a bit disappointing. I thought this might be the case when I have to roll the dough thinly, while my ¼ inch is not that thin. This also happens with the envelope shape and the plait. Next time, I definitely will roll it thinner than this. I've learned my mistakes.

For the filling, I decided only make a small quantity of the apple filling mixed with rhubarb and cranberry. I also used plum jam and nutella for the individual pastry. The flavour in the pastry is very pleasant. I love the orange zest and juice gives a subtle aroma and flavour in the pastry. I quite like to fill this with plum jam and nutella, rather than the apple filling, for sure. This is the recipe I'm going to use more in the future. Thanks, Abby for the great display of success of your Danish pastry. You inspire me! Thanks, Nicole for pairing me with Abby.


See the recipe here.

I like this pastry and my two children are enjoying them as well.

ben's enjoying the morning tea sarah's enjoying her morning tea


Anh said...

Arfi, what an achievement! I would love to try ym hands on Danish pastries one day, too!

Peter G said...

Nicely done Arfi! I admire your patience with the pastry...the danishes look absolutely gorgeous! Love the fillings too.

Y said...

Looks great! I bet your kids absolutely loved you for this treat too :)

Kevin said...

Your pastries look good!

Zita said...

Aww, suweet!! well done, I guess the winter is helping you ;)

bee said...

beautiful!! for some reason i can't see your last two pics through flickr.

Arfi Binsted said...

anh: anh dear girl, thanks for the compliment hehehe... how's the wedding?

p: hehehe... thanks. it was a long process, but i thoroughly enjoyed it as a challenge!

y: at least, we did not end up going to a bakery, which is 35 minutes away from home. saving the day and it was quite nice too that they could watch the process till the end.

kevin: so does the flavour!

zita: does it not always be a success in summer? uhmmm... i should be trying that one out in summer as well.

bee: i set the two little ones photos on flickr to private, so only my contacts can see them :)

Cakelaw said...

Gorgeous - love the layers in your pastry.

abby said...

they look fabulous! and i'm so glad you enjoyed making them - i've just spotted the second batch you made as well!