September 18, 2008

Martabak Telur for WTSIM...Indonesian

I was really surprised when Andrew announced WTSIM this month theme: Indonesian! How can't I? Indonesia is my home-country where I lived, enjoyed traditional foods, made friends with and where I met my husband for the very first time. I love Indonesia as much as I love the food.

Perhaps, not many of you have been experiencing Indonesian cultures and food, let alone, tasting them. Although there are a lot of recipes posted in different websites, it is not the same as the true experience where the atmosphere is Indonesia air and the people smiling at you are Indonesians.

martabak telur

I am quite surprised that many of you have known beef rendang for so long, but have failed to recognize the originality of this dish. I don't want to rise any subject of copyright here, yet all I can say beef rendang has been a famous iconic dish Padangese people in West Sumatra inherited in generations. My point is, you can't really look at Indonesia from Malaysia or Singapore. It is just wise to look at Indonesia from inside it, then you'll know exactly what the cultures and who the people are, and so are what the iconic dishes from each island.

My entry this time is a pastry filled with egg and meat mixture which is called martabak telur. I use a home-made recipe for the pastry instead of buying store-bought wrappers or paratha. I guess, it is just being a HomeMadeS.

martabak telor for WTSIM...Indonesian by ab '08

Martabak Telur [Egg-Meat Stuffed Pastry]

source: Our Snacks by Herti [Indonesian version]

Some people call this martabak telur with martabak Medan. Perhaps, this is where the original dish coming from. I haven't been to Medan, which is on the north side of Sumatra island, but this food can be found in Indonesia nationwide. The unique thing about this pastry making is it's made in a circular motion by the food vendor, practically, in the air. Pretty impressive, but I can't do that.

martabak telor-pastry making by ab '08

250g plain flour
1 Tbs oil
200ml water

Place the flour in a bowl, make well in the centre. Add in the oil. Mix well. Pour in the water in a thin stream while start kneading the dough. Keep kneading until smooth. Divide the dough into 10 portions. Soak in oil for 1 hour. [I know this sounds weird, but I found it in the end, the oil is needed to soften the dough and makes it easier to flatten and rolled thinly on a marble table].

When it's the time to cook, take out one slice of dough. Put it on the marble work-bench. I use my hand to start flattening it from the middle and messaging with a circular motion from there to the edge until I have got a very thin pastry.

300g mince beef
13 shallots, finely sliced (I only use 4 large shallots)
1/2 tsp curry powder
salt, sugar, pepper (usually white pepper)
10 eggs
onions, finely diced
spring onions, finely sliced

Meanwhile, make the filling. Heat 3 Tbs oil. Cook the sliced shallots until fragrant. Add in mince, salt, sugar, pepper, and curry powder. Cook thoroughly.

martabak telor-filling making-finish by arfi binsted 2008

Cucumber pickle

25g red chillies
25g bird-eye chillies
25g cloves garlic
75g palm sugar
25g white sugar
2 Tbs vinegar (lemon juice)
250ml water
salt, to taste

Mix all ingredients, except vinegar. Cook until thicken. Add in the vinegar or lemon juice in the enf of cooking. Set aside.


martabak telur

Heat 3 Tbs oil on a pan (I use teflon pan). Panaskan kurleb 3 sdm minyak di atas wajan martabak. Put in a small bowl: one egg, 1 Tbs finely diced onion, 1 Tbs spring onions, 1 Tbs cooked mince, a little sprinkle of salt and pepper. Peel the thin pastry from the table carefully and place it on the hot pan. Whisk the filling and pour in the middle of pastry. Quickly fold the edge of the pastry to make a rectangle or a square bag. Cook on a low heat until browned. Served hot with sauce and pickle.


Vij said...

Lovely pic..the dish sounds yummy..this is kinda similar to our indian stuffed paratha... but I am gonna try ur version soon!
Thanks for sharing it

Peter G said...

Interesting recipe Arfi...that sure is alot of eggs in that filling! Hope you're well...

Ivy said...

I would like to try an Indonesian pie. It sound great. You can also submit it to my Savory Pies event if you like.
I have an award for you to collect at my blog.

Y said...

Excellent stuff! I have made martabak before, but your recipe looks much more authentic. I can't wait to try it out, although I might omit the egg from the filling because I've never really liked egg in my roti. Thanks for sharing, Arfi, and thanks for the detailed photos too! :)

Moira said...

I don't know nothing about indonesian food, but your recipe seems wonderful and tasty.
Regards from Portugal

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow this is another newe recipe to me. Looks gr8. I posted recipes by u in my blog. Take time to check out.

eliza said...

aku belum pernah bikin kulitnya sendiri Fi, gampang ya? kapan2 nih harus dipraktekin.

Cakelaw said...

Hi Arfi, Sounds delish!! Great theme that Andrew chose for WTSIM.

I have given you an award:

Andrew said...

Thanks for the entry (assembling the round-up today) - one thing I am finding is the simplicity in Indonesian cooking, despite the number of ingredients, but with such tasty results.

Rasa Malaysia said...

Wow, this is a wonderful dish. I salute you from making it from scratch, look absolutely delicious. :)

Nazarina A said...

Ooooh! now my stomach is really rumbling after seeing this superb "mistress piece!" Why say "masterpiece" when it is really a classy dame that made it.

J said...

mbak Arfi, nanya dong... untuk sausnya, lombok dll itu harus dihalusin ya mbak? *rada males ngeluarin food processor hehehe* thanks!

Arfi Binsted said...

J, gimana sih daripada ngulek mending pake FP toh yo? hehehe...

mergupp said...

I'm Filipino and love the country and the people as well, consider it my second home. And yes you have to experience eating Indo food in Indonesia and on the street, it's much yummier then most 5 star hotels there. Used to sing in their hotels but I still go out in order to eat street food. Sate ayam in Sabang is one of the best. Thinking of it makes my mouth water and miss Jakarta and friends so much...elmer

Arfi Binsted said...

Hi Elmer. Great to know you like Indonesian food :) Thanks for dropping by and writing me this lovely comment :) Cheers.

AMT said...

I just tried your martabak recipe but I cheated with the pastry :-) Instead of making the pastry from scratch (like all "tukang martabak" in Indonesia do), I used ready-made Filo pastry. The result is brilliant..! Very easy to make.
I even made the vegetarian version using Quorn mince. Thanks for the recipe!