October 07, 2008

Dad's Anniversary and Mojo

I am blaming on the thyroid for my sluggishness I can feel these days. I've lost my mojo to be having fun in the kitchen, let alone, to take my camera out of the bag. Not fun being ill, really, especially when there's emotional moods being involved.

Two days ago last year, it was Dad's anniversary. When I wrote this poem, there was a strange urge to jot down what I felt that day. There was a tickling memory, vaguely came to my inner sense. I knew it was not me, because although I was unwell, I was not thinking about going to die. It came clear to my senses when I had a conversation with mum the next day, that the same day I wrote the poem a year ago... Dear Dad. My all prayers for you.

As you are unwell, getting this message from somewhere else can be a bit tiring. But, I am fine now, after my husband found out the spot which was so painful I had to let out a squeal. He had to go to a healthy shop to purchase various tablets and got back home testing 'muscle test' on me. If you're familiar with naturopath way, you understand what I am talking about: reflexiology and natural remedies. It's not that I am having apprehension on doctors or hospitals, but feet massage, hot bath, and herbal remedies are what work best for my body. I am lucky to have hubby ever learned these natural things, as lucky as I am that he's looking after me very well.

I am also a lucky winner who won prize of O Foods for my Potato Rosti entry, the trio divas Sara, Jenn, and Michelle were hosting. Now, I'll be busy browsing stuffs at the amazon store. Thank you, girls. I am so happy. You guys make my day.

Then, there was a message from Jugalbandhi in my inbox which was surprising, that one of my photos is nominated to be on the 16 of Reader's Choice. Although I may be not coming up on top, to be nominated itself is an honour. Thank you, guys!

Apart from that, I have been enjoying looking back my previous photos and putting quotes or proverbs on them, to be sent for Weekend Words my good friend Barbara has initiated. For you who love taking photos and have personal or fave quotes, you can join us. There's no hosting whatsoever. You can read Barbara's post on this following the link I previously give you. My first weekend words can be viewed here. I may do my best to keep up posted.

I can't write much but I shall be back when I am ready. Meanwhile, here are some of nature photos I took. I hope you're enjoying them. Cheers!

don't shoot! tirangle drops

A follow-up photos on Ben and Sarah's cats. Bibbie (champagne colour) and Bow Bow (ginger).

staring at me bow still loves his basket


Kitchen Flavours said...

Awesome like always.

MiNDY said...

foto kucing-nya bagus

Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

These beautiful cats, congratulations, greetings from Italy, good luck to you

Bye Marlow

Andrea said...

I hope you'll be feeling better soon, and I'm glad your husband is taking such good care of you! I love your cat pictures, I'm a crazy animal lover. Beautiful picture, beautiful words, as always!

So Simple said...

Arfi your photography has gone from strength to strength beautiful. That first anniversary of your Dad's passing is the worst. Next year will be easier hopefully.
Just enjoyed catching up with your blog.

Barbara said...

Arfi I'm sorry you are unwell. Get better soon. I remember meeting John's Dad at lunch at your house. Gosh I can't believe it's been 12 months.

I think you are doing great photography. Well done on being selected.

Ivy said...

Hope you are feeling much better now. I wasn't well this past week and it's the first day I got out of bed. Congrats on winning the 'O' contest and being nominated by Jugalbandi. Your photos are excellent.

Cakelaw said...

Arfi, so sorry to hear that you have been unwell. I hope you get better soon. Inthe meantime, congratulations on all your awards/prizes. Well deserved - your recipes and photography are always gorgeous.

Farhan said...

Do your cats fur feel as soft as they look?? They look so good natured and sweet too.

Get well please! What would we do if you don't pull out your camera??

Rita said...

mbak kucingnya cute

Nazarina A said...

sister Arfi,

I am so into reflexology and natural medicines like you have explained in your post. It helps when our husbands treat us like "fine china" when we are ill. I am so glad that I have met you,you are like a sister to me and your pictures always tell a story of way more than a thousand words!!!!
I would love to extend an award to you! Please come and get it with all my love!