November 01, 2008

Gordon Ramsay's Jasmine Tea and Lime Parfait

Monthly Mingle: Coffee and Tea.

Meeta does not want a liquid, but I have a semi-liquid. Ha! It's probably not really a perfect time to have cold desserts in New Zealand, not just yet, but this surely is a hint on what's coming next in Summer.

Our updates from the garden is that we're battling the curled leaves on peach trees caused by fungus. There are also potato blight attacked our potato plants which then killed my Urenika plants. I should have sprayed them but you know New Zealand climate it unpredictable. However, I should be looking after another patch I keep and watch over this blight stuff.

raspberry blooms

The good update is that the raspberry bushes are in blooms. A good sign for a good Summer crop. I keep looking after them by pinching those naughty bettles keep coming to lay eggs somewhere under the leaves of either raspberry or strawberry.

Another update: my article on food photography has been published by Desserts Magazine Issue #4. Some of you may have read it, some probably just been informed. I'd like to share with you what/how food photography is according to me. Many of you perhaps are much more experienced than I am, therefore, I am happy and will feel gratitude to receive any feedback. Along with this, I am still working on a book project where I am asked to be a contributor in China. I am so honoured.

Back to Coffee and Tea, I am choosing tea to become the entry this time. Jasmine tea is just a small reminder of my grandmother. She, with her traditional Javanese kebaya and hair was done high and proud, brewing jasmine tea in a clay pot, gave a big impact on me to love jasmine tea. There was the fragrance which I never forget, the scent of heaven whenever my nose capture the aromatic air is just as well as pleasant as it is relaxing. Can't really it a surprise if it's extracted into many creams of cosmetics or perfume, because it can also perfumed this parfait.

This is a lovely dessert, created by Gordon Ramsay. I don't think I like him swearing at people at Hell's Kitchen or the F Word, but I often find that his desserts are just great and easy to follow. This dessert, for example, is a clever achievement. I love the mild scent of jasmine tea is combined with delicate creamy cream. Love it!

Gordon Ramsay's Jasmine Tea and Lime Parfait

Gordon Ramsay's Jasmine Tea and Lime Parfait

We love enjoying it with fruit compote or slices of oranges.

Source: Gordon Ramsay on Cuisine, Issue 95, November 2002.

300mls cream
2 Tbs jasmine tea leaves
250g caster sugar
4 large free-range egg yolks
80mls water
juice of 4 limes
4 Tbs pineapple juice
2 large free-range egg whites
1 tsp fresh lemon juice

Gordon Ramsay's Jasmine Tea and Lime Parfait

Heat half cream with the tea and 1 1/2 Tbs sugar. Bring to just boil, stirring. Pour into a jug and allow to cool. Chill overnight, then strain through a fine sieve into a bowl. Set aside.

Beat egg yolks until thick, creamy and pale yellow. Set aside. (At this stage, I beat the egg yolks on top of simmering hot water until the mixture thick, creamy and pale yellow).

Put the 125g sugar and water into a saucepan, cook on low heat until the sugar becomes clear. Increase the heat until the sugar syrup is bubbly for 4-5 minutes until the edge of the mixture in the saucepan is near to pale golden colour. (At this stage, I cook all the sugar with the water, to be used for egg yolk mixture and keep the rest to be used for the egg whites).

Trickle this sugar syrup onto the egg yolk mixture foam and beat until creamy. Cool. (At this stage, I divide 3/4 portion of the mixture to go into the egg yolks mixture and keep the rest for egg whites).

Boil the lime and pineapple juices until reduce by half and let cool. Mix this into the egg yolk mixture with the tea-infused cream.

Whisk egg whites with the lemon juice until softly stiff, then gradually whisk in the remaining sugar until the mixture is firm and glossy. (At this stage, I trickle the hot sugar syrup while the motor is running). Fold this mixture into the egg yolk mixture.

Whip the remaining cream until it starts to thicken and then fold into the egg mixture, gently. The mixture will be as light as a feather. Pour into 1 litre mould or individual glasses, mugs, or anything you can think of. Serves 6-8.


Peter G said...

Congratulations Arfi on your article...I will be heading over to have a read...Also congratulations on your book project from China! this is all wonderful! I'm also liking your Gordon Ramsay inspired dessert...jasmine is such a beautiful fragrance.

Happy cook said...

Congragulation Arfi, i got the mail with the new dessert magazine, but have not checked them yeat, will do it soon.
Yeah i also agree i don't like mr ramsay when he is usinf the F word, but he has F good dessert ;-)
I have a dessert book from him and all the desserts look so yumm.
This looks yummy creamy delicious.

Ivy said...

Congrats Arfi on the article. Just read it quickly and printed it so that I may read it later on.
Your dessert sounds delicious.

Passionate About Baking said...

Your photography is inspirational Arfi...& I'm ever so glad it's getting more than noticed. Well off the read your article. These jasmine tea deligts are beautiful...& the memories attached, even more!

Vij said...

Congrats arfi on the article... & congrats for ur book project too..

Your pics are so wonderful n inspiring! Thanks for sharing the article.

The dessert looks lovely!

Zita said...

Love Jasmine tea, adore Ramsay's recipe, but most of all love your bluberry bush pic ;)

Meeta K said...

this is gorgeous! a semi liquid is still not "really" liquid at all! besides i just adore your creations.

congrats on the article i did read it a few days ago!

Jescel said...

congratulations, Arfi.. you're very inspiring..and the dessert looks awesome. Gordon Ramsay is good, I just wish he wouldn't swear that much!

Nazarina A said...

Any magazine should be so lucky to have you. Your photography speaks volumes!
I have come in my formal wear and a hat for the tea and ice cream LOL!

Mansi said...

that looks amazing! I've always been a fan of your recipes and photos! wish I could be half as good as you in both!:)

Cakelaw said...

Congratulations on being published Arfi! I do like the sound of your parfait a la Gordon - very exotic.

Farhan said...

I must agree with u, gordon's desserts always turn out good. I can't say the same for Jamie Oliver..

I love ur parfait and parfaits in general cos no churning in a machine is required!