June 07, 2009

Like They Say "Home Sweet Home"

This is a landscape that you may encounter when you visit Ubud, Bali. This is on Jalan Bhisma, were Nick's Pension is. Nick's Pension is an inn that you can rent for days, months, or years.

When the plane touched down with smooth landing, there were applauses suddenly filled the cabin. Such a relief for everybody, I suppose, after long hours trip with being bumped and shaken as we flew on some parts above the ocean (with one session was so terrible that we almost jumped out of our seat!), as if we would not be able to touch the ground anymore. Fear may have been occured for some stage, ironically, it was a bit fun for my kids with they were cheering up themselves with 'weeeeee weeeeee' noise everytime the plane was shaken. I was just glad it was over and now, we can have a cup of coffee, safely on the ground, in our nice warm house.

'Home Sweet Home' you may call it. Both Bali and New Zealand are home for us. Bali is like our second home where we experience different culture and expand relationships with artistic works, and New Zealand is the 'main' home that we always go back from many trips, the safe land and the fresh air with lovely green jewel spread from North to South where we love to live in.

I am just wanting to say hello to you all, I am back! I really would love to share with you what we had done during our trips, but you know when you just arrived from a trip, you really need to adjust yourself again, at some stage, and it can take time. I may be doing it step by step and as we go along, I'll give you more information through photos. There are many cultural experiences we have had that I think might be interesting for you, especially if you haven't been to Bali yet. Here are some photos you may want to look that I took when we first arrived in Bali. I promise to upload more of them in a week time, so please keep looking out :)

These are the photos I took when we first came to Ubud and we went straight from the airport to Tutmak Cafe, our favourite cafe of all the cafes in Ubud, Bali. I'll write a review later.

Ben's enjoying his watermelon juice.

Sarah's enjoying her orange juice.

John's sccoping out the foamy milk out of his favourite cafe latte.

And Me? I forgot what I had, really. Anyway, it doesn't matter :)

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Soma said...

Arfi, waiting to see & hear more..it always feels good coming back home:-)I am sure you have tons of things to do & catchup with. I have Bali is such a beautiful place & hope to be able to visit it, in this life time!

Peter G said...

Well, nice to have you back safe and sound Arfi! Can't wait to hear and "see" what you got up to! It's ben ages since I've been to Bali...oh! and I agree. Turbulence is unsettling!

Kitchen Flavours said...

Assalamvalekum Arfi, nice to see you back dear......Hmm the comfort and warmth the house will provide when u r back is awesome.....it is always a heaven with loved ones filled with.....hope you had a rocking trip.....

Happy cook said...

Good to hear you returne back safe.
ANd I am so looking forward to see you beautiful pictures.
Hi hi you forgot what you had, i can believe that.
When we are back in India we too have our cafes which we visit regularly and before going to India we will be talkiing what we are going to have the moment when we are in these ccafes :-)
Loos like all of you had a fabulous time.

kumpulanresepkoe said...

Welcome back, you've been missed! :)

Arwen said...

Good to hear from you again. It looks like you had a great trip, and I'm looking forward to seeing more photos. Your kids look like they're having a lot of fun with their juices!

Aparna said...

So you're back. You all had a lovely holiday, I can see.
It will take you a while to settle in. Take care.

sunita said...

Glad to have you back, dear Arfi...nice to know all of you had a great time .

Dominique said...

Glad to see you back and safe (I hate when plane shakes me!). I'm allways happy to hear about Bali and especially Ubud! I'm waiting for more pictures... and good adresses for next year!

Navita (Gupta) Hakim said...

Hi Arfi welcome back...awaiting to hear more from u dear :)

Ivy said...

Welcome back Arfi. Sorry it's been a long time to communicate but there has been a lot going on my life lately. I am glad you had a great time.