July 21, 2009

Oreo Biscuits: A HomeMadeS

snowbells by ab '09

In the middle of Winter, it is a common to see the sight of early Spring bulbs blooming in the garden. My snowbells [Leucojum Aestivum] (or it is often called snowflakes) and jonquils [Narcissus Jonquila] have been becoming parts of the season. My daffs are still growing, springing up, ready for a display in time. Perhaps the earth is warming up, that makes all the bulbs are growing happily.

I have finished planting garlic and tulips, have pruned my roses, have cut back the raspberry bushes, and have divided plus replanted strawberry plants. I made another strawberry patch, given that they really did well in Summer this year, hopefully they'll do another good job next year. John had pruned some of the plum trees and have prepared more beds for vegetables in the vegetable garden. I have claimed one of the beds to be planted with herbs and mixed greens. I also need to grow more coriander this year as I'm running out of annual supply.

homegrown kiwifruit by ab '09

We're still enjoying kiwifruits. Nothing else than a homegrown, really. Tastes so much better, much sweeter. I almost can smell the scent in the air when I went out to the driveway to get to our mailbox. It's the scent of nature.

With the weather still unpredictable, we almost are tucked in inside each day. Spending time inside, doing what we're doing. Baking with children, mostly. We just baked anything, from pizza to biscuits. They just love it, so why not make the most of it?

It is the Oreo Biscuits we've made recently. Started by Sofie with a discussion in the KBB mailing list about dark cocoa powder, specially made for Oreo (perhaps that is the dark colour it represents?), the topic then was shifted with a challenge to make the homemade version of Oreo biscuits. I am not sure if I have ever seen any black powder for Oreo biscuits before. It is not dark, but black, for I still can use Dutch cocoa powder which I believe can make goodies look much darker than the usual ones if it is only 'dark'.

One question: how did they make Oreo biscuits so dark? Is the black colour coming from a food colouring or do they use this black cocoa powder? Anyone knows?

Anyway, despite of having that magical black cocoa powder, I just use Nestle cocoa powder. I have got one thing on my mind, if they got it black, then I will use black food colouring. So, I made two batches. One batch use no food black colouring, and the other one does.

homemade oreo biscuits-3 by ab '09

You can see the colour difference from the photo above. Not significant, really. And I prefer the ones without food colouring. The thing when added the food colouring, they look really like the original ones, see the photo below.

homemade oreo biscuits-1 by ab '09

Apparently, my children don't fancy them. They never have been given any Oreo in their whole life, with the concern of the content of sugar they may have. By baking myself, I can reduce the amount of sugar.

The wafers taste rather salty, which is a good way in combination with sweet filling. And how did I eat it? Precisely.

dunk it by ab '09

Now, are you tempted to make these your own? Please, visit Smitten Kitchen for the recipe.

homemade oreo biscuits-2 by ab '09


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Ria said...

Arfi,they looks smashing! I can feel the CRRRUNNCCH here!! :)

Peter G said...

Beautiful Arfi! You've inspired me to make oreos!

Y said...

Wow, I've never seen such an abundance of kiwifruits on a tree before! The oreos look amazing too.

Pavithra said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm looks awesome.. nice clicks too looks so good and tempting.... never seen the kiwi in the tree.. loved it so much

Soma said...

Those look really good. I always thought that the dark color would be food coloring.. I hate oreos, but my kids will have one once in a while. Nothing better than homemade & also Home Produced;-). how fortunate you are to be having so many things growing at home.


Ivy said...

Arfi, why don't you start another blog on gardening? I am so interested and need to know so many things about how to start a garden. The oreo biscuits look great and it's not worth adding the food colouring.

MiNDY said...

sepertinya harus dicoba nih resepnya mBa. si Jangkung ga suka oreo tapi mungkin suka kalau bikinan sendiri. makasih ide-nya.

Arwen said...

The kiwis look amazing growing when the vine is bare of leaves, and it's great that they smell so good! Homemade oreos definitely look yummier than the packaged ones.

HealthyRainbow.net said...

I've never seen a Kiwi tree before.. :)I always thought they grow on big leafy trees.

PS. I think I'm addicted to your blog :)

Aparna said...

We now get imported kiwi fruit here (quite expensive) but I've never seen them on a tree. Your picture looks lovely.

We get Oreos too, now, but didn't particularly like them. Though I'm tempted to make them, at least once, after seeing this post.

Chef Jeena said...

These look so delicious and great that you can change the amount of sugar for kids too.

I would love to dip some in a glass of milk yum.

♥Deeba @Passionate About Baking♥ said...

hey Arfi.Sorry I've been missing.Hvng the kids home for 2 months turned me into a lunatic of sorts.How do you manage to home school lov? I've never seen a kiwi tree...WOW! The shot is beautiful.Kiwis are my daughters' fave fruit. Didn't ever think of making Oreos at home...now U tempt me too. I don't buy store cookies anymore because of preservative, too much sugar, etc.How are you doing my friend? Much ♥ to you. I'm happy to be back here.
PS sorry this is so long.I have so much to say,even more actually, but I had better stop typing!☺

Abhilash Pillai said...


They look delicious. Do you know any shops in Kerala where you get these things...

If yes please send me the address...

I have no plans to prepare them...

I would like to have the same taste... thats the reason why I plan to buy it...

Coffee and Vanilla said...

Wow, that is the first time I saw how kiwis actually grow! :) Thank you, they look soooo good... not sure why but I always imagined them somewhere on the ground ;)))

faisal said...


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Keluarga Cinta said...

Mbak...aduh, seumur umur baru kali ini aku lihat pohonnya Kiwi, selama ini cuma tau buahnya aja di super market. I really love your blog where I can find and see many fruits which could not be found in Indonesia :)

Keep posting ya, mbak..
hanna @ keluarga cinta