August 10, 2009

A De-constructive Salad for HHDH

Hay Hay its Donna Day

It was late afternoon. I and my beloved had just made a come back from two different places outdoor. He had just been spraying in the orchard, and I just came back from my little garden at the front lawn, weeding and admiring the beauty of Holyness on earth, to create such interesting shape of bulbs, and then buds, and then flowers. Our children were somewhere at their grandmother's, and perhaps were enjoying lunch with their aunt who specially visited New Zealand to come for Sarah's birthday in July last time, and who now was preparing to go back to Brisbane. So, they had their few moments left from the trip, I suppose. Every last minute counts, you know. They just love their aunty Jan.

I went to the kitchen and found nothing to eat. Of course, if the cook is busy being the gardener for all hours in the morning, how could she be able to find herself in the kitchen? I started rambling through my pantry. I spotted these crispy wonton wrappers which I had shallow-fried and stored in a jar yesterday, in case we are going to eat them to accompany fried rice or something. I thought, well, that's something for a start. I took the jar out.

Next, make my way to travel inside the fridge. I realize that it is almost our groceries shopping day again. The fridge is almost empty. We still have pears, two wholemeal buns that I made the other day, blue cheese and camembert. A jar of crispy won ton with cheese and pears and shredded buns? Uhm, why not? Then, I went to the vegetable garden, looking for what I can pick for the greens. There is a clump of New Zealand spinach, which is dark green. Its leaves' texture is crispy. Would be lovely to be mixed with oil, sea salt, and black pepper, and then sprinkled with some crumbled blue cheese. Pear can be shaved or thinly sliced. I saw rocket plants although they are still baby, I pick them anyway.

I gather them on a wooden tray, and I thought about Hay Hay It's Donna Hay event which was mothered by my dear friend Barbara of Winos and Foodies, facilitated by my dear fellow Kiwi blogger down in Christchurch, Bron of Bron Marshall back then, and now that is currently organized by Chez Us and this month's event is hosted by Akshayapaatra.

Here's my snapshot and a recipe. I think Donna has this kind of salad on her magazine and I am sure I am inspired by it, only I forgot which issue it is. You know, I am a fan of Donna, and I got a pile of her magazines (I wonder how I can't see her books in our bookstores?). I don't subscribe, but I buy every so often when I make a trip to a bookstore or a grocery store. I love her choice of photographs. She never fails to amaze me. Rock on, Donna!!

Donna's Pear and Blue Cheese Salad with Crispy Wonton
Inspired by one of Donna Hay magazine.

wonton crisps, blue cheese and pear salad by ab '09

won ton wrappers, shallow or deep fried
rocket leaves, watercress, whatever your choice
blue cheese
freshly crushed black peppercorns

We eat the salad just like enjoying canape. Crsipy wonton, smeared with blue cheese, topped with rocket or spinach, sliced pear, and sprinkled with black pepper. Perhaps you may want to wash down with wine? Up to you. We finished the salad slowly with a bite or two of shredded wholemeal buns, before having a cup of coffee, a slice of chocolate cake, and heading back to the garden. Life is good, isn't it?


Next post, I will join Trig's event They Go Really Well Together. Anybody interested? Come, join Trig!

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Arwen said...

That looks like a lovely combination, and I love the way you've pulled it together using whatever was on hand. Sounds like a good lunch, and even better since it let you get back to the garden.

Anh said...

Arfi, the salad looks wonderful!

Soma said...

Crispy wontons sounds Goooood. I always like fruits in my salad.

Peter G said...

Often the best dishes are created when casually checking the pantry...I like your choices here Arfi...I bet it all turned out beautiful

Barbara said...

A favourite combination. I must try the fried wonton wrappers

Bergamot said...

the salad looks great. you have a good blog...good pictures.

Chez Denise et Laudalino said...

Beautiful Salad & Yes, I have seen it in a couple magazines as well as one of her cookbooks .. I was just thinking of adding it to our weekly menu plan. Thank you for participating in HHDD.