August 05, 2009

I Got Milk!

the promise of spring by ab '09

jonquils by ab '09 first iris of the year by ab '09

Spring is almost here. We've been receiving mild and heavy rain, interchangebly with cold breeze. And yet, Spring bulbs are readily shooting out and opening their buds. One of my yellow tulips has been peeking its little head out and displaying its colour immediately. Jonquils are showing off its dainty little flower heads. Although I dislike its way-too-scented parfume, I quite like the fact that they are readily cheering up our gray garden. My pink rodhodendron has also started opening its buds, making a little display cluster of trumpet-like flower head. Some of our fruit trees have been heavily budding and I would say, soon in early Spring, they'll be opening their first blooms! I can't wait to see it again. It is quite addictive, you see. Although it is happening each year, still it does not feel the same.

Our sheep in the paddock have also started to give birth to their little lambs. Some of them are still expecting and this is just like a waiting game. When they give birth to twins, there is a small chance for one of them to stay alive. There is always a live-or-die impact. The nature has just taught them from such a little beginning that if you can't survive the world, then you'd rather die. Although we have given our best to help the lambs to be strong, especially when they need to reach their mother's milk, very few will still be alive. When they are only days old, it is very difficult to foster them, because they will still need the goodness of their mother's milk. The colostrum is the very best nutrition fod baby lambs to get as soon as they were born.

And that is supposed to be we, human, doing to our newborn babies. I do not believe if there are any breasts of mothers that haven't got any milk for their babies, as breasts are designed to store milk, unless mothers do not eat much to let her body produce milk (and junk food is not optional). You know, some mothers are just scared to gain more weigh at postnatal phase, which is silly, for I believe breastfeeding helps mothers to gain her normal figure, in my experience. What a shame that our newborn babies are given cow's milk, instead of mothers own natural colostrum (just because of a selfish reason), which I believe is the only first goodness of food newborn babies are suitable to be fed with.

I was breastfeeding my children for 2 and a half years each, and for 5 years, I was off of coffee, black tea, and chocolate. Since my son and daughter is only 18 months apart, I did tandem breastfeeding for 6 months before my son started to wean himself and only had a little milk at a time and ate more solid food. My daughter weaned naturally as she was introduced to solid food. I cooked them rice porridge with spinach, for instance. No cow's milk involved whatsoever in their very early years.

I always find that breastfeeding is comforting. There is a rhythm of a little mouth latching on and the movement of his/her jaws while drinking milk. I can hold them close, and feel their skin on mine. I can sleep with them and cuddling them at the same time. It's so enjoyable. It's just so much love and massive bond that I would not even want to miss from such a little interaction.

When Linda announced her latest foodie event Got Milk to support breastfeeding in the world, I definitely wanted to join in. I know, I am really behind foodie events lately, just an impact from a spoilt holiday, I suppose. I am a home-school mum, too. Things are a bit hectic these days with so much reading, writing, counting, science, and craft and art projects. Kids have got so much energy, don't they, to do all of those things. Don't mind our messy house.

This is my entry for Got Milk, hosted by Linda Kovacevic of Make Life Sweeter!

caramel fudge by ab '09

Caramel Fudge
by Arfi Binsted

My husband is a sweet tooth. He loves caramel-type of sweets, while I just like to play my part as the home-confectioner.

395g sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup brown sugar (add more if you'd like much sweeter)
1/2 cup white sugar
vanilla extract
oil to grease the pan

caramel fudge2 by ab '09

Line and grease a square 19-20cm tin. Put everything in a heavy pan, except vanilla extract. Cook until golden and having that lovely caramel colour. The mixture will be thicken and when it is done, you will be able to see the bottom of the pan as you stir the mixture. Remove from the heat. Give a few drops of vanilla extract, mix well. Pour into the prepared tin. Leave to cool. Cut to your liking. Makes 25 little squares.

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Soma said...

Beautiful picture Arfi.. agree with you about BF.. done that for a long time with both of mine.

Aparna said...

My husband (and daughter) would love this too. In fact, he's got the sweetest tooth I know!

I agree, I lost most of my pregnancy weight after breasfeeding. My daughter has never been bottle fed.

♥♥♥Ria♥♥♥ said...

Ooo! look at those cute lil fudge! Looks very delicious ! Beautiful shots! :)

MeetaK said...

oh how decadent - i could have eaten a few of these on my movie evening on Monday ;-)

Arwen said...

An event to support breast feeding is such a good idea. Your fudge looks beautiful, perfect with a cup of tea. And you're right, never mind the mess, have fun with the children!

linda said...

Like they say: breast is best :)

Thank you for your entry to Got Milk?

Patricia Scarpin said...

I love all things sweetened condensed milk and love all things fudgy - bookmarking these beauties right now, Arfi! :D

Anh said...

So lovely, my dear Arfi. I love the moments of peace like this so much. Especially now I am living in a crowded city. Crazy!

Pavithra said...

Thats wonderful blog u have.. thanks for visiting my space and leavening lovely comments.. keep visiting. By the way the clicks are awesome.

Nithya said...

Lovely fudge..

First time to your blog and I am terribly impressed. Lovely pics and your photography skills and creativity is phenomenal. hats off to you. keep it going. will be here often. :) love your blog.

do take a peep into mine sometime.

linda said...

Just wanted to let you know that I (finally!) did a round-up for Got Milk?

Sunshinemom said...

That is a good post. I like the way you have described the feeling. It is difficult to put it in words but you did so beautifully! I did not have breastmilk for long with my older one but my younger fellow was not bottlefed much.