August 16, 2009

A Wedding Cupcake for Afternoon Tea

Photo is courtesy and downloaded to re-produced on HomeMadeS
as permitted and agreed by Yulia Riani of Maki Cakes

I've been really amazed by how many of my baking friends have actually immersed themselves in cupcakes making industry. It seems it has become a trend mark in Indonesia when a wedding (and even a birthday!) is celebrated with tiers of decorative cupcakes. Perhaps Lapis Surabaya, as the iconic national traditional cake, has to step aside for a while, as cupcakes seem to be the most-wanted and have been on the top of the list of bridal decision these days. Have a look at these swirled decorative cupcakes for wedding that Yulia Riani made for a wedding celebration.

I don't know how many of you have got to put so much plan and consideration on wedding cake when you're planning to be going to the altar, or taking a vow for life and death, but many, I believe, have got to include it on a must-list wedding preparation. Perhaps, it is some kind of entertaining style, tradition, prestigious Western-like wedding, or whatever the reasons may be, cupcakes have found its way forward and have been a certain option to be inserted on the menu of a wedding catering.

wedding cupcakes1 by ab '09

The curiosity of the delicate wedding cupcakes with the feeling of excitement and anxiety leads me to this experiment of producing wedding cupcakes for our afternoon tea. With the impact on experimenting white objects on white background as the food photography session, I feel like killing two birds with one stone. Although, I miss the excitement and anxiety a bride should feel before the important day, I go on with my own desire.

We are not really cake people, although every now and then I do make and we eat cake. Like these delicate wedding cupcakes I specially made for Tungsten Wedding Rings (Hey, they got titanium wedding rings, too!). Yes, wedding has a close knit with rings. I haven't really witnessed any wedding without rings. Even in traditional wedding in Indonesia, there are always rings to present and wear.


And rings are ultimately important! I remember when it was our final week of preparation to wed, we had to go around Jakarta to look for our 'perfect' rings. We had been to many shopping centres in the central Jakarta, the busy Sarinah Plaza, Senayan Plaza, Ratu Plaza, Sogo, and then went to Blok M, you name it, until we had to go back to Depok, West Java, empty handed. Exhausted for nothing. Do you need so fussy to choose the wedding rings, I wonder? Once, his finger was way too big for a certain ring we agreed to wear; the other time, the design on the rings are too complicated for simple people like us; the rest of it was the quality. Hey, wedding is once in a lifetime, we have to make the most of it and be the best.

The journey made our heads turned toward Singapore. It wasn't too long until we found where they were, the exact rings we wanted. Perfect size, perfect quality, and perfect timing. Phew.

Now, it is just time for us to looking back at all of the fuss we've been through, with a smile on our face, a cup of tea/coffee, and a decorative cupcake each that we did not get to enjoy on our wedding day on a lovely, lovely day.

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Aparna said...

These are gorgeous, Arfi. I'm not a cake person myself (though my husband and daughter are) but cupcakes appeal to me.

Btw, no rings for weddings in my community. I don't wear a wedding ring, but a "wedding chain" with a particular type of pendant. :)

Arfi Binsted said...

heyyyy tell me more about wedding chain... that is interesting!

Arwen said...

Oh, they're so beautiful! Almost too dainty to eat, but lovely to eat when you can relax.

Bergamot said...

It is sooooo beautiful... love the roses on it...

Melanie said...

Hi Arfi--these cupcakes take the cake!!absolutely gorgous.

♥Rosie♥ said...

Hi Arfi, those cupcakes are gorgeous!! I just adore the roses.

Cakelaw said...

What delicate, beautiful cakes for a big day Arfi. I am in awe of those who take this journey.